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Here we go guys and gals! This is the initial release of Eclipse ICS for the Galaxy Nexus. This initial build has some of the basic necessities that people like. More features will come over time.

Battery Options

Full AOSP ICS 4.0.4
ICS bootanimation
Superuser and su binary built - ChansDD
Mobile Hotspot Hack
USB Tethering enabled
4.0.4 Proprietaries added
Full ICS theme throughout the rom (GB Framework)
Inverted Applications (Black/white text)
Theme Manager - CM
Lockscreen with 5 hotseats
Power button as Camera shutter - Danesh
Camera volume zoom

Status Bar Tweaks
1% mod - Accurate battery
Powerwidget toggles - CM source (customize in Eclipse Settings)
Powerwidget indicator color picker
IME toggle - Romanbb
Battery options - Syaoran
Clock Options - Syaoran
Clock color picker

Navigation Bar Tweaks
Customize Navigation Buttons 5 hotseats
Softkey color picker
Longpress back to kill - CM
Ability to hide softkey/nav bar

Additional Apps
DSP Manager
Terminal Emulator
File Manager compiled with ICS SDK
Extra live wallpapers
Apex Launcher as the default launcher - Android Does
Eclipse Wallpapers app
Eclipse Settings integrated into the settings app (not much there yet)
Appwidget Picker - Boombuler/BlackDino for giving it the ICS appearance
Sense4 clock widget - just cause it looks nice :) - J3bu5Cru57

Misc Tweaks
Extended power options (reboot menu) -CM
Volume to wake toggle
Longpress Volume to change music tracks - CM
Quiet Hours - CM
Custom carrier text
LED/notification controls
Navigation bar settings
Status bar settings
Facebook Sync - Roman
init.d support
sysctl tweaks
Changed DNS servers to Google
insecure boot.img
Extra camera effects are added
AVRCP 1.3 - CM

Download Eclipse Toro v1.6.4:

Mirror v1.6.4 Download:
md5: 47b80666b9b86c56a873b0c6dbaeb208

Download Google Apps 05.29.2012:

Mirror 5/29/12 Google Apps:

Installation Instructions
1. Download Eclipse Rom
2. Download Google Apps (G-Apps)
3. Reboot into clockworkmod recovery
4. Wipe data in CWM recovery
5. Install
6. Install
7. Reboot


<br />
v1.6.4 - 5/29/12<br />
Reverted Camera power as shutter and volume zoom for now<br />
Added pinch to zoom feature<br />
<br />
v1.6.3 - 5/29/12<br />
Updated Google Apps<br />
Inverted Email<br />
Inverted Gmail<br />
Fixed terminal from 1.6.2 build<br />
Updated Apex Launcher to 1.2.1 (fixed homescreen layout and set some custom defaults as well)<br />
Camera volume buttons can now zoom in and out<br />
Camera power button acts as shutter - Danesh<br />
<br />
v1.6.2 - 5/27/12<br />
Revamped navigation bar<br />
Fixed flashlight toggle<br />
New music player (can install Play music from market if desired)<br />
new digital battery option<br />
Neutral calendar, mms and Google Talk colors for better theme integration<br />
Larger toggle indicators to show on/off better<br />
Updated Terminal<br />
<br />
v1.6.1 - 5/15/12<br />
Updated theme engine to apply themes to the power menu and volume rocker<br />
Updated framework to play nicer with older applications<br />
Fixed black on black issues with popups<br />
Buttons and font should now resize properly.<br />
<br />
v1.6 - 5/14/12<br />
Added in CM9 Theme engine (only standard battery will theme at this time)<br />
New Navigation bar<br />
Added a color control section to organize additional items you can theme/color<br />
New Lockscreen with 5 hotseats - CM<br />
Revamped Eclipse Settings (some items are in a new location)<br />
Cleaned up systemUI code to play better with the theme engine<br />
Updated Google Apps<br />
Themed the last of the GB framework to match ICS<br />
Added emoji icons functionality - CM<br />
<br />
v1.5.2 - 5/3/12<br />
Fixes for notification LED<br />
Added Navbar hide option in extended controls<br />
Added AVRCP 1.3 support<br />
Fixed framework gb theme<br />
Updated ApexLauncher<br />
<br />
v1.5.1 - 4/30/12<br />
Added LED controls - roman<br />
Possible fix for notification issues<br />
Fixed Navigation bar icons<br />
Fixed navigation bar color picker tinting issues<br />
<br />
v1.5 - 4/27/12<br />
Added power widget color picker - Syaoran<br />
Added clock color picker - Syaoran<br />
Added softkey color picker<br />
Inverted Calendar (Black with white text)<br />
Updated Apex Launcher to 1.1<br />
Updated Google Apps<br />
<br />
v1.4 - 4/25/12<br />
Fixed long press back issues<br />
New Eclipse Settings<br />
Added new wallpapers - ashclepdia<br />
Added battery/clock options - syaoran12/romanbb<br />
Set softkey animations to 0 to speed up Navigation bar<br />
Removed bugmailer<br />
Optimizing pngs during compile process (not sure if this even does anything)<br />
Updated G-Apps<br />
<br />
v1.3 - 4/20/12<br />
Long press back kill app - Danesh<br />
Volume rocker wake<br />
Long press volume to change music tracks - CM<br />
Revamped Eclipse settings interface<br />
Added Quiet Hours - CM<br />
Hide IME toggle - romanbb<br />
<br />
v1.2 - 4/17/12<br />
Dark UI for the keyboard<br />
Long press home/hide recents - syaoran12<br />
Custom carrier text (enter your own)<br />
Increased softkey animation again<br />
Cleaned up navigation bar padding and images<br />
Organized Eclipse settings<br />
<br />
v1.1 - 4/12/12<br />
Added quad lockscreen<br />
Added menu/search key options -xoomdev<br />
Relocated carrier text to under clock on lockscreen<br />
Shortened animation time to allow fast transitions<br />
Enabled 360 degree rotation<br />
Increased the speed of soft key animations<br />
Cleaned up ICS theme for old framework<br />
Sped up orientation speed<br />
Fixed facebook sync<br />
Added Eclipse bootanimation<br />
<br />
1.0.1 - 4/8/12<br />
Inverted MMS<br />
Inverted Dialer<br />
Inverted Contacts<br />
T9 Dialer - CM<br />
Updated Google Apps<br />
Revamped toggles (changed code to point to images rather than a color)<br />
Blacked out framework<br />
Themed the GB portion of the framework to match ICS<br />
<br />
v1.0 - 4/5/12<br />
Initial Release<br />

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Works great so far. Nice stock feel to it. Only thing I think its missing (IMO) is a way to remove the soft key glow animation. Hopefully a themer or someone can do that :)

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so are u done with the DX2, because that would pretty much the DX2 is a dead device. F*** Moto.
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