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[background=transparent]Version 1.5mr1[/background]
[background=transparent]Rom Features[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Extremely responsive, slim, resource friendly UI[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Backup/Restore Liquid Control configurations so you can reflash and retain your personal UI/ROM customizations[/background][background=transparent] (note this does not apply to any of the settings under the goodies section)[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Liquid Control[/background][background=transparent],[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]allows for manipulation, customization, and optimization of nearly every area of this ROM.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Full screen mode[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent](upper left of power menu birdie!)[/background]
  • [background=transparent]More Incremental Navbar Heights to tweak the size just to your liking![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Now Includes 5 Lockscreen options[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Customizable Navbar[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]background color,[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]button glow speed, colorkeys.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Center clock[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]mod/customizable Color[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Customizable battery[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]icons[/background]
  • [background=transparent]PropModder, a new convient way to edit your build.prop with the flick of a finger![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Quad/Octo Lockscreen with native/(now customizable) ICS icons[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Native Overclocking/Undervolting Perfromance Utility[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Native Gamma/Color Control[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Uniform ICS theme throughout the rom...[/background]
  • [background=transparent]And Much much more![/background]
[background=transparent]It is with great pleasure that we are here to announce the arrival of Liquid - Ice Cream Sandwhich (toro) V 1.5mr1. V1.5mr1 is without a doubt a Milestone release for us. It brings to the table unmatched customization & user- control, while providing excellent battery life, rock strength stability, & speed only a Liquid Smooth Rom could deliver. It truly marks a step towards the goal of our project *to bring slim & flawless firmware to the toro / maguro & to get the utmost out of your "phone!" A very big thank you to our beta testers & IRC channel community members / Liquid Smooth family, as well as all of you here at Rootzwiki! The entire Team is stoked about this release & we are certain that you'll love it, to! Please, enjoy! Also, stay tuned, as 1.X is in the works as I type...[/background]

[background=transparent]Also, if you guys have a concern that we cannot adress here in the Rootzwiki thread, or youd like to contribute a great new idea for improving our project, we [/background][background=transparent]welcome[/background][background=transparent] you to join us @ IRC.FREENODE.NET; #LIQUIDS.[/background]

[background=transparent]If you want video cam effects to work YOU MUST FLASH THE EXTRAS. Please do not report FC's about it until you flash the extras. If you want to use my verizon just download NFL mobile first and login over 3g/4g with their login client.[/background]

[background=transparent]With that said,[/background]

[background=transparent]Please note that this changelog was revamped by amp, hope you folks dig it[/background]

[background=transparent]As usual there are thousands of other changes made, take a look at our[/background][background=transparent] [/background][background=transparent]commit history.[/background]

[background=transparent]HUGE thanks to ejlax and liquid irc crew/donators for the dev phone and believing in team liquid and this project![/background]
[background=transparent]Lastly, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FLASH GAPPS WITH THIS ROM, THEY ARE INCLUDED.[/background]


[background=transparent]Liquid ICS v1.5mr1 (Asus Transformer - TF101)[/background]
Size: 99.58 MB​
[background=transparent]MD5: [/background]56adecfe990242bb1654708da13619a4​


Mirror - v1.5mr1​​

[background=transparent]Liquid ICS Extras (GalaxyNexus Both)[/background]
[background=transparent]Size: 31.21 MB[/background]
[background=transparent]MD5: ef032ab20c8ec9b0d692d3fad49d9859[/background]


watch our video changelog:

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Can't wait to try this out at work. Any known issues with tf? Could you confirm that the dock works correctly?

Love me some liquid!


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I just flashed this and im stuck looking accessing wireless... or more specifically, "turning wifi on"
skipped the wireless connection during the initial start up and now when i try to access my home network, i just get the turning wifi on screen and its just sits there, no connection.
Wireless shows as on too

all other devices in household can see/connect fine

Dev and Samsung Leaker
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Leaving this here until the OP is updated and credit given to the CyanogenMod Team for the base, TeamHacksung for half of the QCOM RIL fixes you have, and whoever elses stuff you "merged" in.

This same message will be posted in all of your Rom posts that do not give the proper credit.

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whats happening with this project for the tf101 - not asking for an eta but interested to see if theres still going to be a final ics build or if its onwards to jellybean?
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