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[ROM] AOSP MIUI FascinateMTD 1.6.24

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This is built from JT's CM7 and MIUI.US base

THANK YOU JT, without whom none of this is possible.
THANK YOU #miui-us, for guidance,hosting and a base to start from.
THANK YOU Nitsuj/TSM for encouraging me into playing with this idea.
THANK YOU Nemesis2all for his kernel which we are using this week.

Download Link is in Post #2

  • Calls!!
    [*]3G / Data
    [*]USB mass storage / sdcard

Not Working:
  • MMS
  • Calls/SMS during deep sleep are not waking up the device to ring.
    This app will prevent your device from deep sleep which is of course a batter drain, but you will receive calls. If its worth it or not is up to you.
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Runs great love it. Very minimal and clean
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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