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Team Gummy is proud to introduce the Team Gummy Mile-Stone 2.0.. Here you will find an overview of new options offered in the latest release. While there is more features than we could ever go over in here, we thought you might like a walkthrough some of the most popular :)



FEATURES: See our Google Doc Feature overview


Dark Gummy

Theme Chooser

Advanced Options

Hardware key rebinding

Navigation bar mods


Power menu customization

Device specific advanced settings

Blacklist phone call/messaging options

Performance Settings

Wakelock blocker

App ops

Sound Settings

Quiet Hours

Ascending ringtones

Live volume steps

Camera shutter sound controls

Display Settings

LCD Density

Notification Light Controls

Volume Rocker Wake

Status Bar Mods

Clock and Date alignment/customization

Custom battery icon options

Battery bar

Signal style tweaks

Breathing notifications

Notification count

Notification Drawer Mods

Custom carrier label options

Show connected Wifi network name

Clock click actions

Notification drawer custom background and transparency

QuickSettings Mods

Toggles per row

Fast toggle

Favorite contact toggle

Custom toggle

Lockscreen Mods

Active display

Lockscreen notifications

Slider targets and shortcuts

Custom handle options and colors

Lockscreen background customization

Lockscreen widget options

Slider torch

Language and Input Settings

Force Auto Rotate when keyboard is shown

Disable full screen keyboard in landscape mode

Show IME selector in notification area

Enter key instead of emoticon

Volume key cursor controls



* Known so far!


Instructions for installations:


1. Download ROM

2. Download Gapps

3. Push to sdcard

4. Reboot Recovery

5. Wipe Data and Cache

6. Install ROM

7. Install Gapps

8. Reboot System




* Thank you to Cyanogenmod for device and hardware repositories. Without this, porting Gummy to QCOM devices would have been nearly impossible.

* Thank you to Google for the best source code.

* for hosting our file servers!



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