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I'm Santa
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by CPCookieMan

YOU DO NOT NEED TO OVERCLOCK THIS ROM! It runs very speedy at 1.0GHz, and you save a lot of battery life. Don't believe me? Try it out.

There was a slight glitch in this build and the Android Market was not included. Installing the latest GAPPS fixes this.

Themers! If you would like to create a theme for this ROM or a themed rom using this base, either PM me or drop me a line at
paul @cpcookieman. com (take out the spaces first)

Disclaimer: This ROM comes with no warranty. I am not responsible for any thing that happens to your phone or you when using this rom. Standard stuff for any rom. If you understand this, read on.

What this ROM is:
A super slim, super fast Gingerbread AOSP ROM that is geared towards the best performance you can get, while not sacrificing battery life.

What this ROM is NOT: A Sense ROM or a themed ROM. You get very close to a vanilla experience without any themes or Sense to slow it down.

What about bugs? This ROM has been in private testing for about a month now and is virtually bug free. The LTE, Wifi, GPS, Camera, BT, etc. all work perfectly. The only real "bug" is that at the bottom of the Settings application it says About OMGB. I had to borrow the Settings.apk from OMGB. The correct settings application will be included in V5 if all goes well.

How to install this ROM:
  1. Flash the 2.11 leak CDMA radio and LTE combo from here.
  2. Wipe Data and Cache
  3. Install the ROM from Recovery
  4. Install the latest GAPPS from here.
  5. Go through the setup wizard
  6. Allow your phone 30 minutes to an hour to sync and create all caches for maximum performance.
  7. ENJOY

V4: First public release
V3: Private Beta
V2: Private Alpha
V1: Private Alpha

Special thanks to:
  • r2doesinc for the OMGB source code
  • The rest of the OMGB team
  • Imoseyon for the kernel
  • Drew66 for testing
  • nhat for testing
  • sparta31 for testing
  • DroidVicious for testing
  • All of the other developers for helping me out when I needed it.

MD5: 6b8f99db0c23436a2897e0623e06d87b


Copyright CPCookieMan 2011

I'm Santa
73 Posts
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bassdj said:
Will be definitely trying this out once in a 4G zone to download it! Thanks CP!

EDIT: I saw that you are using that built in? I prefer the Gingerbread Launcher.
Launcher Pro is built in instead of the Gingerbread Launcher, sorry. Soon I will have some add-on zip files if people want things like that. I'll be sure to make a GB Launcher add-on.

1 - 20 of 137 Posts
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