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FactoryROM Presents:

FactoryROM has recently released The Electric Factory, which uses most of the same User Interface that applications that
DianXin OS was built upon. The Electric Factory was rebuilt on the HTC Sense 2.1 framework until I got this port stable enough
for a release. Well this time has arrived. DainXin OS was built from source using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
This is still in Beta due to the lack of Data, but should be working after I have the opportunity to dive into some more technical
issues with 4G connectivity (as is the case with most HTC 4G ports) This current ROM has been ported from the HTC Desire HD which I
obtained from the developer in China. I would appreciate any input on your findings after installing and testing this ROM.

Just so everyone knows, my Thunderbolt is not activated making it impossible to fully test Data and Voice connectivity. I
depend on you guys to let me know what works and what does not. I appreciate the feedback as to your individual results.

So with out further Ado, I offer you:

DianXin OS v2.3.7 Beta 2 for the HTC Thunderbolt

Currently Working:

- Audio now Working (Beta 2)
- Full Camera with Video Recording & Sound now Working (Beta 2)
- Auto Rotation (Beta 2)
- Voice & Calls / Earpiece
- System Boots
- Touch Screen
- Imoseyon leanKernel v5.1.0 AOSP
- Haptic Feedback
- Sensors
- Bluetooth
- Camera (no Video as of yet)
- Torch
- SD Card Mounting
- ADB Connectivity
- Market
- Video Recording with Sound (Playback is not working)
- Microphone
- All Internal Applications

Not Working:

- Data (Working on this diligently)
- GPS (Will start working once Data works)

Installation Instructions:

(1) Reboot into Recovery
(2) Format Data/Cache
(3) Format System
(4) Wipe Dalvik Cache
(5) Reboot

Download Link:

DianXin OS Beta 2

MD5: 4027AF5EBE3D11123E64337F7F293630

Wannabe Developer
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I did... I said music won't PLAY not I can't hear it.

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The OP Says:

Does not work:

- Sound Output

Meaning, there is no sound coming through the speakers and does not play.. Sorry if I didn't explain efficiently enough.
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