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Hello Flashmaniacs
For those who don't know RCTeam, we have been around since htc Magic (sapphire) we were on Hero Desire DesireHD, and made roms like the first sense 3 on desire HD, aria to hero and sapphire, we do stock roms, but we are strong on ports, the real cooking, everyone can throw something on a ruu and release a rom, we enjoy the fun of making something run on the phone that was not meant to.

This rom is based on Doubleshot 1.28.531.9 android 2.3.4

RC Team presents

This has been a great hard work in team with samuel2706, QD2DC and RCTeam (robocik, klquicksall and capychimp)

  • New Kernel
  • Callrecording added
  • USB mount fixed

  • updated internal apps
  • removed tmobile back connection as it takes power and data

  • cam fix by qd2dc
  • superuser fixed
  • language selection in setup
  • removed swype
  • added pyramid keyboard
  • apn added

  • initial release
  • base thx to paul obrian



ROM Manager or link below Thank you Seo for hosting. (rom is not on rom manager yet)

Downloads of old RCMix3D kingdom for dhd was 20000+ without counting mirrors. So I guess RCTeam does something right, try it out when we have root and judge yourself, enjoy the ROM guys.

Old downloads at post #2
Thank you:
Robocik, The R in RCTeam
Dsixda for a great kitchen
HTC for creating sense 3
M10 tools team for their amazing tool
Everyone else i forgot now... (PM me if i forgot you)
Thank you for donating:

If you like the rom, give it a star
vote it to the frontpage
Vodka shots/donations appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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