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BAMF 2.4.1

This is a side project that I was doing because I had some free time. This not unlike bamf 2.1, hence the versioning. It is 2.10.605.1, Sense 2.1, with some Sense 3.0 elements from seo in the ADR version.


  • 2.10.605.1 base
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Debloated
  • Busybox w/ proper dns support for ping and wget, credit to mrbawb
  • Sysro and Sysrw scripts
  • Sense 3 weather, and lockscreen elements (ADR)
  • HTC trace keyboard (ADR)
  • Stock kernel, with adb root and init.d support
  • Wake on volume keys
  • No recent apps bar
  • No GPS reticle
  • CRT animations
  • Menu overglow
  • 4-in-1 reboot options
  • Google Car Home
  • Google Docs
  • Teeter
  • Skins from Gadget! and Berzerker
  • More that I've probably forgotten

Patch 1
  • Fixes lockscreen strings for pin, password, pattern unlock(ADR)
  • Fixes force close in app drawer when sliding tabs at the bottom(ADR)

2.11.605.0 Patch (2.3)
  • Updates from 2.10.605.1 to 2.11.605.0 and in turn, to BAMF 2.3.

  • Toolkit is now included. Note if you have Sense 3.0 options, its old uber stuff. Remove the Sense 3.0 stuff from /sdcard/bamf_extras folder. Also, use wake on volume option in toolkit AT YOUR OWN RISK. It may cause your power options to hot reboot. I am looking into it.
  • CRT Animations are no longer included, to save battery. They can be re-enabled with this mod

  • Sense 3 phone answer screen is now present and working well.
  • Working google talk and camera, thanks to mystery dude (and Snow2 for finding). I also added additional libs from Dinc2 2.3.4 RUU.
  • Toolkit no longer breaks reboot menu and power button. Please delete Bamf_Extras folder from sdcard before installing.
  • THis is what 2.4 should have been all along. Sorry about that.

How to Install
  • Download ROM
  • Verify correct MD5 hash with your preferred verification app. Hashtab is a good one
  • Put the ROM on your sd card
  • reboot to clockwork recovery, either through hboot, or the command adb reboot recovery
  • Install from zip in recovery
  • Make sure you wipe data/factory reset. Super, duper recommended
  • Reboot, enjoy.

Download ADR Edition
2.2 URL:
MD5: B4CC16072FCE449707A5FE7850AFC180
Patch 1 URL:
2.11.605.0 Patch (includes Patch 1)

2.4 URL:
MD5: 472747F949C0DCDE42E9B98E89473550
Mail patch for those with fcs:

2.4.1 URL:
MD5: F3FCA7E95208B374C9155CF971EB8A67

Download normal Edition
2.2 URL:
MD5: 8BF9421FD21F093C71A3FE4F8DD6DB48
2.11.605.0 Patch

2.4 URL:
MD5: A60B5F7E30A6EFD5166496B43FCAB24B [/CENTER]

2.4.1 URL:
MD5: 51590F6B50E0AA5212B853816A2CC009

Patch for Voicemail Notifications

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Maybe placebo, but this is smoother then any other rom out there, including aosp roms. Great stuff. Can't wait to play with uber bamf final. I'll give it a couple days of battery testing and swap back to aosp. Thanks for releasing your side project on the new base. Getting really great sleep ma readings..17-19ma drain compared to 40~ish.

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Downloading as I type! Any plans to offer a Stripped sense-less version? Thanks for your work!

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Two questions:

- Anyone found a good compatible OC kernel? Or will any Sense kernel work?

- I d/l'ed the simple 2.2 version. I wanted as close to stock as possible. There are only two "mods"/"tweaks" I miss. Are these possible? Battery percentage in clock? AOSP lockscreen? (I've been on CM7 for quite a while).

Or should I just d/load the ADR version? I don't really want Sense 3.0 elements so that is why I stayed away.
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