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Introducing Batakang ROM for the Verizon DROID RAZR HD and the Atrix HD. Both devices run fine on the Verizon DROID RAZR HD firmware, and only require 1 ROM for both of them. Batakang ROM (test 12) is build from Hashcode's stock ROM and updated to the official DROID RAZR HD Jellybean by myself. Credits go to Hashcode for his stock ROM and his Safestrap 3. Without him no ROMs would be possible on this device!

12/2/2012 - Test 12. Updated base to official DROID RAZR HD Jellybean.
12/3/2012 - Test 13. Added busybox. Added OTA Update Center support for SS3 auto-updating by dhacker29.
12/12/2012 - Test 14. Added init.d support..
Swtiched from Superuser to SuperSU to fix root issues. Wipe if coming from Test 13 and before!
12/12/2012 - Test 15. No more included Gapps. Flash the 4.1.2 Gapps after flashing Test 15. Do NOT update Google Now (Voice Search) unless you like blank screens on it.
12/13/2012 - Test 16. An 'official' BatakangROM Gapps package is now used. Fixed hopefully all issues with force closes on previous test. Play Store working right away, Google Now works... as always let me no what problems.' Also, TabletUI will no longer be supported officially. You have to change the build.prop line for it yourself starting from now on. Uploading the same build twice just wasn't working out.
12/13/2012 - Release 1.00. CPU Sleep removed (wasn't working). Tethering fixed by default(maybe). Changed version name out of Beta :)

Known Bugs for DROID RAZR HD (as of Release 1.00):
[If Tether does NOT work out of the box: Download SQLite Editor and change line 67 (entitlement_check) of [Settings Storage > settings.db > settings] from a 1 to a 0. Reboot. WiFi tether and USB then should work.
You tell me.

Be on Jellybean on the DROID RAZR HD (Non-Dev Edition). This can be the leaked or official.
Make a ROM Slot in any ROM slot.
Please go to SS3 main menu.
Choose 'Wipe' and then 'Factory Reset'.
Install the .zip (flash it!) :)
Then flash the latest official Gapps for the BatakangROM.
Reboot into the ROM.
  • Tweaks for speed, battery life, better data connection, and other misc edits.
  • Heavily debloated. No more Verizon or Motorola stuff bogging down the phone.
  • 4.2 Launcher - With option for Batakang wallpaper.
  • MotoBlur stock apps replaced with AOSP where possible. [MotoEmail, Exchange, Messaging still used]
  • Themed Settings and SystemUI to look more like AOSP.
  • Built in apps you need to open to use:
    Power Toggles - Notification Toggles & 1% Battery Mod.
  • 4.2 and MotoBlur Cameras. You pick what you like.
  • Init.d scripts: Zipalign on boot. Adbd insecure.


Full Gallery Here

'Official' Gapps4BatakangROM: -- No Clock/Alarm or Gallery -- Added 4.2 Clock/Alarm and 4.2 Camera/Gallery

Release 1.00:

Test 16:

Test 13 (Gapps included in this build only. Above builds must download Gapps4BatakangROM)):

This is a reminder that this ROM is given "As Is" without any guarantee that it will not brick your device, cause harm, damage, etc. You are responsible for everything you do to your phone and cannot hold myself or anyone else responsible except for yourself. Enjoy!

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I've had nothing but smoothness out ta this ROM! Thanks Mattlgroff! ....this is a center clock mod originally for the Vitreous ROM created by Jakeday. I just did some personal tweeks, digital 1% battery and big Smiley's for works with Batakang ROM as well!

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I could not find the APN settings. Since I have sim unlocked my Razr Maxx HD, and am using it on straight talk, I need those access to those settings.
Here are the APN settings for Tmobile:

ATT, I think these are the ones your looking for:

More info if you didnt flash the modem to let it work on GSM here:
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