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[ROM][BETA] MIUI4DX2 Beta1 on behalf of aceoyame

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aceoyame presents to you...

MIUI4DX2 Beta 1

Bear with me for the awful quality of the screenshots. Screenshots crash the system server. Took these photos with my iPod Touch.

To see the screenshots in large size, goto:
This wouldn't have been here without the combined efforts of all the devs who worked on 2nd-init and CM7 so thanks to all and of course thanks to aceoyame (I DID NOT MAKE THIS AT ALL, JUST POSTING IT ON BEHALF OF ACEOYAME).

This requires Dragonzkiller's modified BSR (posted in CM7 thread and linked here for convenience).

  • Same Hardware working as CM7 i.e. CDMA/3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera.
  • ICS Framework
  • MIUI US apps
  • MIUI Control panel
  • Black Ice theme default
Known Issues:
  • MIUI's camera FC's on saving pictures. This release is using CM7's camera app which works
  • Screenshots are crashing system server
  • The Black Ice Theme may not apply fully on install. Just choose it in the theme manager after install and you should be good to go.
  • FM and HDMI is not working
How to Install:
  1. Nandroid Backup
  2. SBF to 2.3.4 unless you are already there.
  3. Root your Motorola Droid X2.
  4. Install the Motorola Droid X2 Bootstrap Recovery (BSR).
  5. Put the MIUI4DX2 zip and the dragonzkiller's patched BSR apk on the external SD card.
  6. Boot into BootStrap Recovery.
  7. YOU MUST WIPE DATA AND CACHE! This has 4.0 framework and is very different from CM7's or any other ROM's 2.3.x framework.
  8. Install the MIUI4DX2 zip.
  9. IMPORTANT! Wipe data and cache (factory reset) and wipe dalvik cache!
  10. Boot your phone into MIUI. (You will probably have to activate if you didn't after you SBF'd and setup your Google account here.)
  11. Install the patched Motorola Droid X2 Bootstrap Recovery (BSR). (This can be found in the download section of this post. Once you have MIUI4DX2 installed, you MUST install this BSR!)
  12. Go into the Android Market and update the apps on the phone.
  13. Sit back and enjoy MIUI on your DX2!

NOTE: If you get a hang on the M after the install, it may be because you did not wipe data and cache. Try getting into stock recovery by having the phone off, pressing the Vol Down and Power Buttons until the "Fastboot" appears on your screen, scroll DOWN until you see the "Android Recovery" and press Vol Up. You will then see an android with an exclamation point. Press BOTH volume buttons and scroll down to "Wipe Data." Press the power button to select it and scroll down to "Yes" and select that. Then reboot and WAIT! The initial boot takes the longest. If this still doesn't work, THEN SBF and follow the directions above EXACTLY.

Using the Patched Bootstrap Recovery With MIUI4DX2
In order to get into recovery with MIUI4DX2 you ABSOLUTELY MUST download the patched BSR APK located in the download section of this post! There was a problem with the "hijack" name. It is conflicting with the CM7 hijack (MIUI uses CM7 hijack). NEVER install the original BSR while in MIUI4DX2! This is a guaranteed way to boot loop your phone! It might not boot loop the first couple of reboots, but it will... Eventually!

Put these on your EXTERNAL sd card.
MIUI4DX2 Beta 1 md5 sum: eeb013fceeb06e6ca412e3b80484aa13
Patched BSR APK by dragonzkiller

Stay tuned for upcoming releases:
Next release will have added scripts, a few fixes and possibly working FM - via aceoyame twitter


P.S.: You can donate to aceoyame by sending him a beer to paypal at: [email protected]

Peace \m/
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I wish there was a CyanogenMod 9 port...

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