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Beta testers will:

1) Be very familiar with the rooting, custom recoveries, flashing roms, etc
2) Wipe data and cache (more than once) before installing the beta build
3) Not restore data using applications such as Titanium backup, etc (manualy restore!)
4) Use only the default kernel provided in the beta build
5) Not modify the beta build in any way (removing apps, themeing, etc)
6) Run only the latest baseband available (C_01.43.01P)
7) Fully read release changes on my github
8) Report back only new issues (not those that occur in previous builds)
9) Wipe dalvik cache between updated beta build installs

Those who do not follow any of the above guidelines are deemed ineligible to report bugs and will be ignored.

GPA17 Beta
Download (Choose latest file available, I make changes all the time)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts