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Now available on rommanager and the Biffmod home page

Biffmod for Fascinate is here. I think you'll enjoy it.

The goal here was to create a stock 2.3.5 feel for the Fascinate , preserve the customization options of Cyanogenmod, and add the features I felt were missing.

Your warranty on your phone has long been voided. If it explodes.... NOT IT!

*Mix of AOSP/cm7 - 2.3.5
*black launcher2
*black camera
*notification widgets
*overclock capable kernel (1.7ghz)
*voodoo color and sound
*BLN/LED (backlight notifications)
*glitch kernel HL thanks TK-Glitch

This should be good for daily driver.

Credit goes to : koush, cyanogenmod team, TK-Glitch, jonathangrigg, samsung, google, your mother (if i missed someone, PM me and I'll fix it. Don't want anyone feeling like I kingklickxd them)

Thanks to the patient community for putting up with mah "devvin" ;)

I do not own a fascinate, I own a vibrant, this is a blind port that should in theory kick some ass.


Steps to install
1. Download rom and put on the root of your sdcard
2. Select ROM in Rom manager
3. Select wipe data, cache, dalvik
4. PROFFIT!!!!!

No need to odin back to stock before flashing this and GB bootloaders aren't required

if the glitch kernel freaks out on you... you may need a different leakage version. Source code and updates for glitch kernel, can be found in the following thread ------->

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He did give credit to "cyanogenmod team" which would include JT. He doesn't own a fascinate so he in not in 'our' circles and doesn't know all the DEVs.
I would like to give thanks for port to the fascinate even though you don't have one.

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Coming from sbrissen Pool Party ROM (Some issues with that one: Freezes, one phone ring only)

Successfully installed Biffmod, both through ROM Manager and manually (Experimenting).

Made Wiped (2 only) Nandroid Backup
ROM Manager wipes (all 3)
Install via ROM Manager
Hold Power button Reboot/Recovery (No Orange, Blue
Nandroid Advanced Restore (Data)
All apps immediately restored, new ROM working well.

Nice features, Nice looking. Smooth.

I really kinda like this ROM!

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JeremytheIndian said:
Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache. What is more important is that you know how to get back to non ASOP and know what you are getting into and the possible problems you could have.
I would guess I could just ODIN back to non-AOSP if I wanted to. But nothing fancy needed to get from CommRom 2.1 to this rom, just flash in CWM (and wipe of course)?
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