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Now available on rommanager and the Biffmod home page

I present you to my first rom in 5 months. Biffmod for vibrant is here. I think you'll enjoy it.

The goal here was to create a stock 2.3.5 feel for the vibrant , preserve the customization options of Cyanogenmod, and add the features I felt were missing.

Your warranty on your phone has long been voided. If it explodes.... NOT IT!

*Mix of AOSP/cm7 - 2.3.5
*black launcher2
*black camera
*notification widgets
*overclock capable kernel (1.7ghz)
*voodoo color and sound
*BLN/LED Notifications (on by default, the BLN app is not compatible)
*glitch kernel HL thanks TK-Glitch

GPS WORKS. This should be good for daily driver.

Credit goes to : koush, cyanogenmod team, TK-Glitch, jonathangrigg, samsung, google, your mother (if i missed someone, PM me and I'll fix it. Don't want anyone feeling like I kingklickxd them)

Thanks to the patient community for putting up with mah "devvin" ;)


Steps to install
1. Download rom and put on the root of your sdcard
2. Select ROM in Rom manager
3. Select wipe data, cache, dalvik
4. PROFFIT!!!!!

No need to odin back to stock before flashing this and GB bootloaders aren't required

if the glitch kernel freaks out on you... you may need a different leakage version. Source code and updates for glitch kernel, can be found in the following thread ------->

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-No wipe update
-Added Cm7 GPS fix (thanks jwleonhart, roffee, jad3675)
-Added Rootzwiki forum app
-Added Voodoo Control app (thanks supercurio)
-Full wipe update
-Fixed graphical glitch on background sync
-Replaced Protips with lulz
-Removed Voltage Control App
-added glitch kernel (oc, uv, voodoo color and sound)
-mix of aosp/cm7 now
-super fast now
*v1: Initial Release

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Going to give this a spin. Looks great!

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Novarox71 said:
Great rom so far fast and stable! Only issue I'm having is, bln is not working. it's says the mod is not installed on my phone? Besides that it's awesome! Great work!!
BLN is on by default, its implemented in a weird way, so the BLN app in the market won't work. So its on and you can't turn it off lol. Let me know if its not working for you, may have a legit bug I need to look at

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Ok I just realized that the bln works with the default messaging app but not with Handcent sms which is what I'm using. Idk if that's a bug or not but I do remember it working on other roms.

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Just switched from Bionix-v 1.3.1 Froyo. Had been on it forever waiting for gingerbread to stabilize on the Vibrant.

I can't give you feedback relative to base CM7 nightly, since I haven't ran CM since my MyTouch3g.
But your build is great so far. Snappier than Bionix with Voodoo (ext4 enabled).
I am happy with the AOSPish feel, and finally getting rid of the samsung calendar app that was still bundled with Bionix.

For anyone else switching from Bionix-v I did not have to ODIN back to stock first, here is what I did
  • Boot into red recovery, disable voodoo, reboot, wait for filesystem process (note restoring to RFS garbage takes even longer so be patient for the voice status)
  • Use Rom Manager to flash cwm standard green recovery
  • Boot into cwm green recovery, clear data, clear cache, go to advanced and clear dalvik cache. (I also wiped battery stats since I was at 100%)
  • Install from zip -> biffmod zip
  • Enjoy the ginger

Note: in CM7 your external SD Card will be listed as /mnt/emmc
your internal SD is /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard


On first boot, after letting it rest, I did get prompted to complete action using or setup wizard.
It goes away quickly, so I managed to hit setup wizard, but didn't have time to check the "use this as the default in the future".
When I rebooted, I saw it again, and was able to catch it. It was odd that the setupwizard ran twice though I had completed the process.

I did have the "there is no space left" message when installing market apps. I saw someone mentioning that on xda.
I went into the Cyanogenmod settings -> Applications-> Install Location
and switched it from Automatic to External and rebooted. After that apps installed without a hitch. In fact, that was one of the problems I always had with a lot of custom froyo roms for the Vibrant. Market installs and updates would often hang/timeout. I couldn't believe how snappy the market was on here.

The official process to re-install Swype beta worked fine, if anyone is wondering.

For some reason I am missing widgets for Google Voice and Google Music. Installed both fresh from the market.

Desired Changes

Better Camera App
I did prefer the camera app included in Bionix-v. It might have been the captivate camera, not sure. But it had shooting modes, effects, and panorama etc. Though the bionix camera did have one problem, you couldn't turn off gps tagging. So I am mixed :)

That's it for now.
Thanks for packaging this up. As a casual bystander, it's not easy to tell when the CM7 nightlies are up to snuff for this device. Your post to xda, and the responses from early testers of Biffmod gave me the confidence to jump in.

I'll report back on battery life after a few days. Right now it seems on par. I haven't tweeked anything regarding OC/UV, didn't even install setcpu.

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Hi how do you access the rom in rom manager? I have the paid ver but dont see it in the list of roms avail. Also I will be trying this out coming from project v. Anything special I need to be aware of? Ty .

Since no one said anything bad, I decided to jump on this .... Worked just fine, installed just fine on top of project v.
Working on getting it set up to my liking love it so far!
Thanks for the hard work!
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