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Team Whiskey is all about quality, NOT quantity. We`re constantly improving the system files to give you the best overall user experience. Instead of just shatting out a rom and doing a copy and paste, we actually do focused group AB testing. This allows us to test new code, features, functionality, fix bugs, and take suggestions before the rom is ever on your phone..

Coming Soon:
Multiple high quality themes will soon be available for Bionix-v, Bionix 1.2.1, and Bionix Frost. Team whiskey has also been working hard to bring you a stable 2.3 rom. Other very exciting goodies coming in the near future. Don`t worry, we haven`t forgotten about you!

Important Notes:
1. After flashing, make certain you allow your phone to sit for a few minutes so your phone can completely boot and your dalvik-cache and rebuild. After sitting for a few, we suggest rebooting once to smooth everything out.
2. If you`re having any kind of issue, please try rebooting once before reporting it as a bug. If your problem still persists, try reflashing. If you still experience the issue, then please report it. Troubleshooting in this order will help prevent unnecessary thread clutter.
3. If flashing the rom on anything other than a 100% fully charged battery, your battery stats WILL be wrong. In order to obtain optimal battery life after flashing, you need to recondition your battery and run your device through 3-4 battery cycles. Please do not report battery issues after running the rom for only 2 hours, etc. Minimal testing times are 24 hours, but we suggest 3-4 full battery cycles, which is roughly a 48-72 hour testing period.
4. If you are already currently using voodoo either with one of our roms or another rom, you DO NOT have to disable it before flashing. Just flash right on top!
5. We have found that many of you are flashing the rom, then using titanium backup to restore your system apps from a previous build. DO NOT restore system apps from previous builds! The stability and usability of our new roms rely on the included systems apps. This will ensure everything works the way it should. You should ONLY use titanium backup to restore your user/third party apps that you downloaded from the market.


Bionix Frost Update2
New Kernel - Now using CWK B&W Standard Froyo Kernel
All Kernels Supported
Both SD`s Mount to phone and PC

Bionix Frost Update1
Images redone
Modified Init Script for speed
Modified Frameworks for speed
Added EDT/D4A GPS Fix
NEW KERNEL!!!!!!!! Thanks to Jocelyn. CWM 02 now includes BLN, Sound and of course Voodoo.

Bionix Frost 2.2.1
Based fully off KAH
Settings.apk Modified by Whitehawx
LP Icons provided by Heathen
Theme ported from by newest Team Whiskey Artist TonicAcid
MTM Ginger Keyboard rethemed to match by Creator
KB1 w/ Voodoo Kernel with Internal SD Mounting Fix injected by drhonk
KA5 Modem (you can swap this out if you want)
Custom Transitions
AOSP Lockscreen by default
SGS4G secgps config
Removed 4G Icon to avoid confusion

Bionix Frost 2.2.1 Update 2 Stock Animations - FULL WIPE!

Team Whiskey is not liable and takes absolutely no responsibility for any damages. Overclocking your phone adds additional stress to your hardware, so please understand the risks involved before you decide to overclock. Not all devices overclock the same, so please test the different clock speeds and see which one works best for you. Many times, certain devices will not accept an overclock at all. If you fall into this category, you will have to flash back to a stock kernel.

Optional Modems:

- My whole team of course (Team Whiskey)
- Supercurio for his amazing work with voodoo
- Heathen for LP icons
- Whitehawkx for Settings mod
- My Boy Eugene for the initial SD Files
Anyone else I forgot, there is your credit.

Please be sure to visit Team Whiskey Forums for TONS of additional download such as kernels, themes, roms, apps, etc.
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