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Team Whiskey is all about quality, NOT quantity. We're constantly improving the system files to give you the best overall user experience. Instead of just shatting out a rom and doing a copy and paste, we actually do focused group AB testing. This allows us to test new code, features, functionality, fix bugs, and take suggestions before the rom is ever on your phone..

This ROM was created by Krylon360 based off SGS4G UVKAH ROM,

- Based fully off SGS4G KAH
- LP Icons provided by Heathen
- Theme ported from by newest Team Whiskey Artist TonicAcid
- MTM Ginger Keyboard rethemed to match by Creator
- Bali v2.1 Kernel
- KB5 modem
- Custom Transitions
- AOSP Lockscreen by default
- SGS4G secgps config

- Upload zip file to your /sdcard
- Reboot to recovery (CWM)
- Wipe data/factory reset
- Wipe cache
- Go to mount storage and mount /system
- Go back to previous menu
- Install from zip from sdcard
- choose zip from sdcard
- reboot it will take a few minutes for first boot to complete

LauncherPro settings can be use by doing the following:

- menu
- preferences
- restore backup


Team Whiskey is not liable and takes absolutely no responsibility for any damages. Overclocking your phone adds additional stress to your hardware, so please understand the risks involved before you decide to overclock. Not all devices overclock the same, so please test the different clock speeds and see which one works best for you. Many times, certain devices will not accept an overclock at all. If you fall into this category, you will have to flash back to a stock kernel.

- My whole team of course (Team Whiskey) especially drhonk for helping with the port of this ROM.
- Supercurio for his amazing work with voodoo
- Heathen for LP icons
- Whitehawkx for Settings mod
Anyone else I forgot, there is your credit.

Please be sure to visit Team Whiskey Forums for TONS of additional download such as kernels, themes, roms, apps, etc.


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