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Since I am a developer for TeamWhiskey and also helped with this build, I am able to post all Bionix builds.
Bionix-v 1.3.1 is fast and incredibly smooth. By far the fastest and most stable Bionix-v build. I really tweaked the hell out of this one. I spent a lot of time finding the sweet spot. There's not much else to say, just enjoy and please leave your feedback and bug reports. This will probably be the last major update to this build as we are moving on to other builds. However, we will still provide support and necessary updates if there are bugs reported. Cheers!

Coming Soon:
We're in the process of making a lot of themes for Bionix-v and Frost. Coming soon! 2.3 in the works.


Bionix-v 1.3.1:
- Removed overstocked kernel - replaced with KB1 + voodoo (voodoo enabled by default)
- Kept voodoo sound & bln apps should you decide to use a kernel compatible with these features - please see below for a full list/links of compatible kernels (if not, you can simply uninstall the apps)
- Replaced KA5 modem with KB1
- Exchanged drm bin files and apk
- Exchanged RIL lib files (hopefully RIL will not reset anymore which was causing the single data drop)
- Fixed the pattern lock key mapping issue
- Adjusted notifications text color
- Fixed hard to see check boxes while in browser
- Added no-scroll power menu (no header or title, looks cleaner)
- Added GPS files from i9000 gingerbread leak (files posted by Jellette)
- Put genie weather widget back in per request by some (uninstall it if you dont want it)

Bionix-v 1.3:
- Updated apn list
- Optimized apks and slimmed down rom
- Fixed browser bookmarks
- Added AM/PM toggle via settings>data and time (Thanks Jocelyn!)
- Set deadline scheduler
- 128 mb read ahead buffer
- Enabled low latency mode
- Decreased wake lag
- Rotational set to '0' - tells kernel is not a spinning disk
- Increased minfree memory
- New kernel added (credits go to cmenard for this one! Overstock kernel thread found here)
- Voodoo enabled by default
- Voodoo sound
- Voodoo color
- BLN w/proper lib files
- Memory increased to 343mb
- FPS cap removed
- Voodoo sounds apk added
- Neldars BLN apk added for BLN control
- Framework modifications
- Rethemed lockscreens (thanks to obsessionXYZ for the use of some images)
- New radio sliders, check boxes, radios, colors, etc.
- Changed certain icons, menu, quick panel, power menu, etc
- Themed GB keyboard
- Themed Calendar
- Themed Dialer
- Updated rom manager
- Updated Gmail
- Updated Market
- Updated Titanium Backup
- New live wallpaper
- New wallpaper
- more I'm forgetting!

Bionix-v 1.2.1:
- KB1 kernel + voodoo included (thanks supercurio!)
- Added additional lock screen (vista2k7 in the i9000 forums for ORIGINALLY doing this lockscreen mod and untermensh for the other lockscreens)
- Enhanced VM scheduler
- Enhanced Kernel scheduler
- Reduced wake lag
- Re-added black dialer
- changed back to full wiping rom for stability tests and comparison
- other minor visual changes
- Rom very snappy

Bionix-v 1.2:
- KB1 system files
- KA7 kernel w/voodoo enabled by default (KB1 ramdisks for voodoo need to be rebuilt before we can implement)
- KA5 modem (optimal mix of both battery life and data though)
- Init script adjusted - mixed settings/values from nero 3, nero 5, bionix-v for optimal UI speed and performance
- Increased size of battery percentage readout
- Crossed compiled code from KA5-KB1 for speed and stability
- New custom bootanimation
- FFC support (must have front facing camera and i9000 camera.apk to utilize. i9000 camera.apk can be found on our forums)
- All pre-installed market apps updated
- Added support for non-wiping option (downloaded apps will remain intact after flash)

Bionix-v 1.1:
- Build used for focused test group only
- Tests to implement cross compiled code from different builds for optimal performance
- Tests to implement and determine stability of a non-wiping rom

- Complete KA7 build (official OTA 2.2) kernel, modem, system files, apps, etc.
- Accurate battery mod
- 4 lock screens to choose from - android stock, epic, fascinate, vibrant
- Additional power menu options - reboot, reboot into recovery, reboot into download mode
- Nexus S gingerbread themed (as close as it gets to the real deal)
- Custom init scripts written by team whiskey for additional speed, stability, battery life, etc.
- Custom boot animation
- Voodoo enabled by default (if you are already using voodoo, you DO NOT need to disable it before flashing)
- Frameworks changes to polish the overall look for a better experience
- New wallpaper
- All user apps updated
- Additional GPS modifications for a better GPS experience


Bionix-v 1.3.1
Bionix-v 1.3.1 w/touchwiz launcher

Please be sure to visit Team Whiskey Forums for TONS of additional download such as kernels, themes, roms, apps, etc.

Samsung Apps
- ThinkDroid
- Feeds and Updates
- Days
- Program monitor
- WiFi-Calling

Bionix-v Video Reviews:

- My whole team of course
- Morfic
- Ttabbal
- Krylon360
- cmenard
- Supercurio for his amazing work with voodoo
- Jocelyn
- Untermensch
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