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Welcome to my thread.

I'm not a ROM Developer just a hardcore Android enthusiastic, I like to play with different Build.prop tweaks and init.d scripts. I found a couple of tweaks that's working well with HTC One X. After JB released I was bored with the current setup so I decided to make a ROM myself. I used to maintain a ROM at Xperia Arc forum, I stopped the development there after I got this device. If I have made any mistakes please correct me I'll be happy to learn. I'm just a beginner in this field. I hope to have all of your support. A special thanks to Shnizlon for letting me use this ROM as base

  • Based on 3.18 (Special thanks to Shnizlon used this ROM as base)
  • Rosie with Context Menu Support
  • Tweaks & EQS
  • Cross Breed Tweak added
  • Android 4.1 with Sense UI 4+
  • Deodexed ROM
  • Lot of init.d tweaks added to better performance and stability
  • Removed lot of junk apps
  • Camera Green Tint Fix (Props qbus00)
  • Music Mod, Back Button Kill & Power Saver Mod by Lyapota
  • Custom host from MVPHost
  • Zipaligned for better Memory Management
  • Remove CPU Rendering
  • SQL Lite Database Optimization
  • Disabled HTC's spyware
  • Disable Byte code Verification
  • Custom Google DNS for better Internet Speed
  • Increase Quality Of Media Streaming
  • Turned Off The Proximity Quickly After Call
  • Improved Touch response
  • Tweaked the properties BTLA stack
  • Lot more Build.prop tweaks
  • Tweaked RAMDisk by Shnizlon (Re-pack required)
  • Optimized for better battery

  • Make sure you have a compatible CID, check thisthread
  • Download the ROM
  • Copy it to your SD Card
  • Extract the Boot.img from the ROM
  • Flash it through Fastboot
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Perform a complete backup
  • Perform a Full wipe (Recommended when its new base)
  • Flash the ROM and reboot your device
  • The initial boot may take few minutes
  • I would recommend to flash any Mods after the first boot

Noozxoide EIZO-Rewire PRO Settings

ZeroInfinity's Custom Settings

-Line-Out Audio Monitor (this section is related to headphones)
-XLimiter/Compression = Disabled
-Psychoacoustic Processor = Enabled | Effect Strength = Soft I (( O ))
-Deliver Balanced Natural Soundstage And Premium Bass = Enabled
-Digital Presets = Unique
-VE-Engine = Strongest
-Create VSUR = Disabled (Props Xphoid)

<br />
<br />
[B]Version 6.2.0[/B]<br />
<br />
Udated JB modPack & Resource Manager <br />
Revert back to stock kernel (Customized so repack recommended)<br />
Minor fixes and cleanup<br />
<br />
[B]Version 6.1.0[/B]<br />
<br />
Rebased to  3.19.401.1<br />
Udated JB modPack & Resource Manager <br />
Tweaked the RAMDisk for XM Kernel 289 beta (Repack recommended)<br />
[B]CrossBreeder Tweak [/B]- Credits idcrisis<br />
Entropy Lag Reduce<br />
DNS Speedup<br />
Tether boost<br />
Clean Adblock<br />
Patched the Services.jar with DieHard Launcher <br />
Added [B]-=MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE=-[/B] MOD (Refer SuperCharger thread for more info)<br />
Removed Pure Audio and Infinite Sound BOOST Audio Enhancement by ZeroInfinity<br />
<br />
[B]Version 5.0.0[/B]<br />
<br />
Rebased to 3.18<br />
Updated to JB modPack Ver 5.0 & Resource Manager 2.0<br />
Added Sense 5 battery & Sense 5 icons & Resources by lyapota<br />
Minor bugfixes <br />
<br />
<br />
Version 4.0.5<br />
Updated to XM Kernel#168 with RAMDisk by lyapota<br />
Updated to JB modPack Ver 4.2 <br />
Minor bugfixes  <br />
Version 4.0.0<br />
Changed XM Kernel - 153b<br />
EQS, APM, MassStorage, MusicBox, Notify, KeyControl by lyapota<br />
Updated Infinite Sound BOOST Audio Enhancement by ZeroInfinity<br />
Updated the Seeder binaries<br />
NOS-Injection - [URL][/URL]<br />
 Optimized RAM usage<br />
 Disables ALL logging activities<br />
 4.2.2 Binaries (Better app processing)<br />
 Disables logcating by default <br />
 Better Privacy<br />
 Lot of init.d scripts<br />
 Lot more<br />
Updated the apps<br />
<br />
[B]Version 3.1.0[/B]<br />
<br />
Updated to Aroma (Prop of mwilky)<br />
Butter smooth & Better Battery <br />
Xperia Z Boot animation<br />
Added Sense / Desense Option <br />
Added Seeder entropy generator for significant lag reduction (Props lambgx02)<br />
Updated Nandroid Manager <br />
Updated MI File Manager<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222][B]Version 3.0.2[/B][/COLOR]<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Re-based to 3.14.401.31 (shnizlon's base)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Patched Services.jar and applied Maximum Overdrive (Props zeppelinrox using Ultimate Jar Power Tools [URL][/URL])[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Increased Non-Sense App Limit[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Rosie with Context Menu support (Prop of mwilky)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Patched Launcher for SuperCharger (Bulletproof)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]JellyBlue Theme (Props to Vorbeth)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Power Saver mode by Lyapota[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]LongBack Key Kill mode by Lyapota[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Music Mod by Lyapota[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Nandroid Manager app added[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Green Tint FIX (Props qbus00)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Overall improvement in performance & Battery[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Couple of tweaks from previous base[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]SGS3 Task Manager added[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Infinite Sound BOOST Audio Enhancement by ZeroInfinity[/COLOR]<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222][B]Version 2.1[/B][/COLOR]<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Initial release based on [B]Ordroid 11.1.2 [/B]thanks to Football & Shnizlon[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Fixed HTC Sync by [B]lyapota[/B][/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]No Aroma for now (Will add in later release)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Themed Blue Shift APM Mode (Thanks to [B]lyapota[/B] & [B]Jotha[/B])[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Blue Battery % Mod[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Removed 3-dot menu[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Custom Wallpaper (Thanks to [B]Theal[/B])[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Tweak to Improvement in App loading time[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Optimized all apks and framework files[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Virtual Memory Tweaks[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Advanced Automatic ZipAlign by [B]Brainmaster[/B][/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Lot of UI related hacks and tweaks[/COLOR]<br />
<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222][B]Version 1.0.1[/B][/COLOR]<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Aroma Installer[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Add-ons added to Installer[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Desense Option[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Added the widgets as requested (option in Aroma to remove)[/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Minor Cleanup& Fixes[/COLOR]<br />
<br />
[COLOR=#222222][B]1.0.0[/B][/COLOR]<br />
[COLOR=#222222]Initial release [/COLOR]<br />
<br />

Black Pearl 6.2.0
Android Revolution HD Super Wipe One X

Black Pearl 6.1.0
Black Pearl 5.0.1
Black Pearl 4.0.5
Black Pearl 3.1.0 | Mirror
Black Pearl 3.0.2
Black Pearl 1.0.1
Black Pearl 1.0.1 (Dev-Host Mirror)
Black Pearl 1.0.1 (Mediafire Mirror)
Black Pearl 1.0
Black Pearl 1.0 (Google Drive Mirror)
Black Pearl 2.1

Shnizlon, Agil1ty(for OP Banner), Jotha, lyapota & Dunc (For APM Mode & Theme), Diamond666,cobrato, zeppelinrox, Eybee, Pikachu, GadgetCheck, BrainMaster, iPwn, Wolfbreak, Mike1986, Baadnewz, jotha, j4n87, Football, Faux, show-p1984, kholk,franciscofranco, j4n87 & Venom Team, Sergio & CoreDroid Team, dragonesdenano, hamdir, mwilky, Exit_Only for NOS Tweak, All my beta testers and this great XDA Community & it's users (PM me if I accidently forgot to mention someone)

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Here is the new change log :

Version 3.1.2<br />
<br />
Updated to Aroma (Prop of mwilky)<br />
Butter smooth & Better Battery <br />
Xperia Z Boot animation<br />
Added Sense / Desense Option <br />
Added Seeder entropy generator for significant lag reduction (Props lambgx02)<br />
Updated Nandroid Manager <br />
Updated MI File Manager
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