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I am not the Developer for this Rom, I only asked permission to link it to this site in order to share with everyone; since our Galaxy Tab section seems like a ghost town. Please read entire post before downloading and installing. Site link at bottom.

From site:

This is an early beta release Bonsai for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 based from the stock Android Honeycomb v3.1 release which includes TouchWiz. We've consolidated the latest Android community developments and rolled in the Bonsai magic to produce a replacement Android OS that will more than double your stock tablet performance.

Goal right now is to get a stable base that works on all devices.
Added TouchWiz UI
Update to Voodoo sound v10
Know to run on Locked and Unlocked retail Tablets and I/O Tablets
Fixed problem where tablet would not boot with USB cable attached
Reduced delay seen when booting the device
Some of the features of this release include: (credits below)
Android Kernel updated to v2.6.36.4
Overclockable kernel up to 1.4Ghz (based on @pershoot overclocking code)
Kernel module support for cifs, aufs, ntfs, bluetooth mouse, xbox joystick
init.d initialization script support
Ext4 filesystems can be configured without journaling enabled
New ROM packaging and install reduces package size by 20%
Fully Deodexed
Many nVidia Tegra kernel code improvements backported from later releases of Tegra2 development
NOTE: This ROM package is double the size of the non-TouchWiz, now weighing in at 350MB. Please help us conserve bandwidth. If for some reason you believe the ROM package to be corrupt, please double check your package using the md5sum command. The md5 checksum of this package is: 484a758563e661a7731aeed4a1e880f0
Generally, if the ROM will unzip, there is probably not a problem with the contents. Please post your questions to the Bonsai4Android forum.

Download from site:
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