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Ok now for the legal stuff.

Fang is officially out of beta and into official release. Please check us out via RomManager and Now Rom Toolbox. (still getting things set up)

DISCLAIMER: As usual, flash at your own risk and don't forget to backup your current installation before flashing.
I take NO responsibility if you brick your phone. By rooting you have already voided your warranty.
WolfRoms takes NO responsibility should anything happen during the flashing process.

2.) A Full Wipe cache/dalvik

Known Bugs:
* Bluetooth dialer not giving voice.

Report Bugs here

Download Link: -Link Broken-
Special thanks:
Peteralfonso For helping me Fix some bugs in Fang AND for dealing with my Noob Questions.
Cyanogen Team (for the guide and. Git repo)
Bgill & r2doesinc for helping me out at times
RootzWiki for this great community.
AND naming the ROM.
Villian1998 for being the first to test the newest version.
All my beta testers

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WolfRoms: -Link Broken-

* Common: Android 2.3.7 (Google)
* Centered Clock
* Changed Wifi Scan from 40 to 999
* LCD density Changed back to 240 (Market related issues)
* Ring Delay set to 100 from 3000
* Added Estrongs File Explorer
* Vram set to 48m from 40m
* Fang folder added to sd-card during install
* ICS Framework (Thanks to Sonny Sekhon) *Needs to be fixed*
* ICS Launcher (Thanks to Team Syndicate) *Needs to be fixed*
* Peter's 1.20GHz SV kernel
* Added Droid 2 music player
* Added custom Bootanimation (thanks Darkwestern)

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durandgir said:
I'm going to have to try your latest Fang, maybe it will have better luck than your past builds
Please email me the issues you've had in the previous builds. I also have a new build but its not public due to a few errors i encountered
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