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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)


Hi guys, today I want to show you my first ROM for my Galaxy S.
Actually it was made only for the forum in which I collaborate (, however I decided to let it make an appearance on XDA too.

First of all, Credits:
-the whole cm7 team for the awesome AOSP rom
-zacharias.maladroit, for the awesome kernel
-the xda comunity, with its guides and tutorials which helped me out a lot
-my dear friend Memnoch (have a look at his rom on the DHD forums) who supported me in this process
-my beta testers which trusted me and tested all my builds.

Secondly, Features

(See Changelog in 2nd post)

SCREENSHOTS (launcher pro plus not included in the rom)

VIDEO by umberto1978
(quality is not the best, but he promised to make another one with a better camera, since he is recording with a galaxy mini as you can see :D)


-backup all your app &data before flashing (with titanium, mybackup ecc...)
-I suggest doing a factory reset, so that you come from a fully clean install.
-if you are already on a CM7, do a format of /system and wipe dalvik & wipe cache.
-if you are on a stock rom, first you need a CWM.


_any gingerbread rom (stock or custom)
_CWM recovery

_put the .zip file in your internal sdcard
_reboot in recovery
_factory reset
_install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard>
_when it ends flashing, reboot
_Done. Enjoy.

_download latest gapps here
_flash them in recovery

If coming from a previous release of CFT:
_reboot in recovery
_wipe dalvik & wipe cache
_flash the rom
_after that, install the gapps

(optional) Post-installation

Battery calibration
_connect the phone to the charger, wait till it reaches 100%, then use the battery calibration app.

Change theme:
_open the theme chooser app, select a theme and apply it.

lockscreen ICS-style
_download the file ics-metamorphhere
_put it in your internal sdcard.
_open metamorph
_unzip/extract new theme
_tap the arrow and browse to the theme

change font
_downlod my font packhere.
_create a folder named .fontchanger in your sdcard and put all the fonts in it
_opene the app, choose the font and let it reboot (if not, do it manually)

awesome thread with beautiful wallpapers:
[Collection] 960x800 Wallpapers - 5000+ - xda-developers



CFT 1.4 stock kernel
CFT 1.4 Fugumod kernel

Previous versions:

CFT 1.2.1 with stock kernel
CFT 1.2.1 with platypus kernel

CFT v1.2 with platypus kernel:
CFT v1.2 with stock cm7 kernel:

CFT v1.0 with platypus kernel:

original forum where my rom's been posted:]-cyanofortomorrow-v1-0-based-cm7-176-a.html
if you're italian, give it a look

10 Posts

project is temporarily stopped.
with the advent of CM9, there is no point on developing more on CM7.
this rom is rock stable, NO bugs or whatsoever (beside common cm7 bugs of course), it's perfectly usable,
and optimized at max.
next releases will be based hopefully on ICS/CM9.
unfortunately, due to personal reasons I don't have much time left to dev, so atm you'll have to stick with 1.4
but be sure that this rom will be updated in a month or so

this project has changed his main purpose.
due to the temporary instability of ICS portings, and since buildbot (RIP) stopped building nightlies a long time ago,
I'll manage to keep cm7 alive, updated and optimized at best with my rom,
using as a base the kangs provided by the "kangaroo" thread here on XDA.


-new rom base, updated until 02.02.2012 (check the cm7 changelog)
-ics animations are finally back
-"hello hello bug" fixed
-added HW acceleration to stock browser (need feedback on that)
-changed kernel to Fugumod (daily 1976v)

-updated base, with new stock lockscreens (Holo is beautiful)
-T9 dialing in phone app (like on stock roms) is included, pretty useful and works like a charm.
-JVU modem
-Thunderbolt removed (caused instability on the long term)
-no ICS anims (problem with framework, will be implemented in next releases)

-updated kang base (it has all the cm7 updates until the 7th of december, give a look at the official cm7 changelog)
-changed bootanimation
-thunderbolt 2.2.0 scripts included (credits to pikachu01, original thread here)
-double release: one has the platypus kernel, the other one stays with the stock cm7 kernel
-keeps all the stable and fast features as before, just in a better way.
-other nice stuff you better not know

v1.0: first release

_based on cm7 nightly #176
_Android 2.3.7 AOSP.
_fast and stable!
_zach's Platypus kernel preincluded (v17r18 - still named r16)!
_JVT modem!
_improved gps!
_2g/3g switch tweaked for better responsiveness!
_market updated to last version!
_ICS bootanimation
_ICS animations! (ported from the 4.0 sources)
_better wifi signal!
_improved battery usage!
_more free RAM (around 100-120)
_preinstalled Theme chooser themes
_fonts e wallpapers (separate download) for a 360° customization!
_preinstalled apps, to have faster post-installation tweakings
_more stuff under-the-hood
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