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CorteX2 v0.8.2 will be the last update the Droid X2 will see on Froyo.

p.s. Whos excited to see Google aqcuired Motorola Mobility. Hopefullly they do away with blur. I can just see the first phone to come after the whole thing is over, the "Droid Nexus" unmatched build qaulity along with unmatched software. Dream come true.

CorteX2 Custom Android ROM for the Motorola Droid X2
by Ryman222

Follow me on Twitter: @ryman222
OK so first things first. This was a ROM I was
orginally building for the Droid X. When I dropped that
in water, my insurance sent a Droid X2. Developement
began that day. I give credit to those who deserve it, you
know who you are. I added my own minor twists and flavors
to the build. I also am in the stages of making this a "full" on
Plenty of noteworthy changes are listed below. And without
any further delay,I present you ---
CorteX2 v0.6:
- Completely Debloated
- Installed APKs Deodexed
- Some AOSP
- Stock Gingerbread Launcher
- New Market
- X2Bootstrap Tool (With Nostalgia Theme)

- First ROM to Officially Support:
- 3G TurboCharger
- V6SuperCharger v8
- Kickass Kernel
- Build.prop Edits
- HDMI Out (Haven't Tested)
- No Sound
- Added Some Custom Ringtones
- Black Notification Bar
- Tons of Sick Wallpapers

CorteX2 0.7.1
- Fixed bootanimation
- Replaced with Proper Build.prop

*Still Need to wipe Data & Cahce

CorteX2 0.8.2
- Fixed USB Reboot Issue
- Fixed Dead Battery Brick
- Removed Sound Option from Lockscreen
- More Build.prop Tweaks
- AOSP Camera [w/Search MOD]
- AOSP Gallery
- Google Talk Added Back
- Wireless Tether
- Droid X LWP
- Transparent Power Widget
- Stealth Theme Updated [WIP]

*Still Froyo Based
*[Recommended] Flash over a Stock Backup, Not another ROM.

Coming in v1.0.0:
[ ] Swapping out the Ugly Blue for Flat Black
[ ] New Keyboard + Black Swype
[ ] Almost Full AOSP
[ ] Add-on Package Support
[ ] Liberty Toolbox Support
* Zeppelinrox for his v6 Supercharger
* Hackthis02 for his DROID X LWP
* C21Johnson for the MinX Base
Install Instructions:
[1] Place at the root of your SDCard
[2] Boot into recovery
[3] Wipe Data & Cache
[4] Wipe Data & Cache (Yes do it again)
[5] Wipe Dalvik Cache
[6] Install zip from SD
[7] Reboot
To get the keyboard to work for the first time -
Settings > Language & Keyboard > Input Method > (Select
Multi-Touch Keyboard)
- Launcher Wallpapers Don't Work
- Can't get into Battery and Data Manager Settings
Add-ons: Coming Soon
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