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+++++Install Instructions+++++

Wipe Cache
Wipe Davilk Cache

Flash rom

++Rom Features
Improved Audio
Improved Video
Ramhacked for better memory management
Undervolt settings pre Installed
Deadline I/O
Insane Battery life (give 4 days for it to soak in)
Note your charging habits or lack there of will depict this
Ice Cream /Sense look
Icecream Launcher
Google ICS Music
New market

Themed Dialer
ICS Lock-screen- After phone boots please install the theme It will be in your application list (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!!!)
ICS Notification Bar

Worlds fastest Non O/C GB ROM

Rom Link

Version 2.0

Krylon and Honk 2 of the best ballers these devices ever got

White hawk Just a baller in his own catagory

Team Acid




Version 2.0 Updates

*visual fixes*

Fixed Alot of Graphical errors with the notification bar. (still ongoing)
Fixed alarm and clocks to have the correct images when smart alarm goes off (was correct in landscape not portrait.)

*Modified build prop*

Added Fix for back screen after phone call
Added better battery life Tweaks
Added build prop tweak for some application comparability with jinit
Decreased ring delay should be instantaneous now
Added 100 percent and 100 percent video and image takeng qulity to the build prop -Your images will be alot larger (save to sd card )
Increased wi fi seak time for known nextworks from 120 to 180 (will save some battery life for you wi fi lovers
Decreased Divalk Cache to 48 mb down from 68 mb as 48 works better on devices with 512 mb system memory

*Gerneral Fixes*

Fixed issues where applicatons were not being released in a timely manner
Updated Init D where some of the tweaks were not applying.
Modified sqlite database to complete writes after the full transaction is finished not after every write... (will save on the life of your internal storage)
Fixed live wallpapers (they should now work and not fc when trying to set them or open it)

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download your launcher of choice put it in the rom itself the download zip file in system/app and delete out the ics one flash over your pervious version u dont have to wipe

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copy off all the contents out of the sd card onto a pc and use partion magic and repartion it or delete it off the sd card
make sure u back up first

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TheShadyMilkMan said:
Im reposting this because i think i put it in a wrong section before, and Raver you have always saved me. Please help...

I'm coming here because Raver has saved me many times before...I tried to switch from Octane 2.0 to Octane 3.0 and have been stuck staring at my lonely Download screen ever since.

I wiped, checked mounts, flashed, and the phone just went to the Samsung SGS 4G (white) screen and then would go straight black screen on me.

I tried to use the Ext4 starter pack method (found here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1223765) to get back to something I could work with because it has worked many times in the past but it just keeps getting stuck at the same positions.

It will get stuck at SetupConnection or Initializing no matter what different options I try. I have tried checking/unchecking re-partition, and have tried just about every other option within Odin.

Odin continuously recognizes the device but just wont get past initializing/setupconnection.

Another note: I have tried Raver's oneclickunbrick and it says that it has completed successfully, my phone acts as if it is going to reboot, and then the screen just stays completely black.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Try driver re install. When you connect the phone do u still get a port init eg its connected on com x
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