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Audiophile Series: Redux Bigger Bolder And Badder


Cwm mounts

cwm cache

Wipe Cache and Davilk Cache

Re check and make sure mounts are UMMU

Flash Enjoy

Rom Features

Themed Dialer
40 diffrent background images
Improved audio out of the box with no need for applicatons (voodoo does enhance the improvements that are made)
Themed sms
Improved GPS
Improved battery life
Custom Init D/build prop and Init.rc
Themed mp3 player
custom market
Changed lockscreens
and much much more....

Version 1.0 Initial

Update 1.2

Updated to gb Wallpapers
Added zeam launcher
Fixed power menu to actually display all the correct icons.
updated with KH2 Fugu
updated framework to better match theme Buttons should now be the proper color instead of gray on gray
Improved build prop and INIT.d
updated lcd density and colors in the system prop and build props to better reflect the color of Gingerbread
Improved battery life
Tweaked audio (should be as loud as gingerbread now )

Version 1.3

Removed most bloat
New wallpapers-100 percent match the whole theme of the rom
New Launcher ADW 1.3 + Theme
Fixed Build and system prop (now correctly shows Version Info)
New Dialer (has some bugs but i need logs from you all to track them down)
New startup and shut down sounds WIP (will make them cwm flashable if i cant get them right at time of upload)

Working on audiophiles own custom boot screens

Worlds fastest pre ginger rom on the planet

version 1.3.2

Overhauled Init.d
Overhauled all the audio settings :p (phone should be lounder and chriper in phone calls and playing music )
Overhauled the build prop (removed all useless props and broke the tweaks down into what they do so anyone that looks at it knows what each tweak does great if u wanna tweak urself )
Improved audio now works better with voodoo and enhances voodoo experience (untell i release my own dsp)
*dialer bugs are still present working on those*
Fixed frayo/GB memory leak
Set sd card readahead to 1024 down from 2048 and some users 4mb
Fixed a few mms app bugs that would cause vibration but not fc :p
Improved GPs Inital lock should take about a min locks after that should be 1-5 seconds or so and u should no longer loose g

VVV Download link VVV

version 1.3

version 1.3.2

v 1.3.3 Fixed dialer (temperary tell i fix the origonal one)
This will allow normal operation of the dialer without causing issues :p

Screen SHots


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its 2.2 froyo still working on ginger alot of bugs with ginger hince why i havent done that and i had a hdd melt down so i lost all the owrk on that so i gotta rebuild on that one

but i crammed alot of what made ginger look good in here hince why visually its confusing the hell out of people lol

sorry its not bg yet so people may not flash it ....

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if you want install zeam launcher and use that task kill the one thats running and u can keep all the wallpapers :p I did it more for simplicity sorry should have thought more of the power users to

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"Alkaiser702 said:
No big deal. The rom is great and runs smooth. Im just a minimalist and I dont like homescreens xD anyway, do you think its the rom or should I re-odin a lower rom for this issue:
Every time someone calls me, both the small speaker and the rear speaker turn on and everybody can hear the person im talking to... And the person I'm talking to hears an echo.

Probqbly going to odin then reflash
It shouldnt do that at all sounds like a few grimlins got left over from a previous flah as no one else has reported that

if u can reprduce the error if u have not wiped yet send me your log cat logs mabe i can trace it down if you reflashed and its not doing it well gratz :p
is that standard calling or wi fi calling ..... just trying to narrow it down as like i said your the only person to report this
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