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*Install Directions*

-wipe Cache
-wipe Davilk Cache
-mounts for cwm-
(for those that like those)

Built with wipe unwipe script Tested going from vahallia to this to icbinb back no issues... NO need to wipe your personal data just wipe the cache and davilk cache :p)

Flash :p

Boot screen is blank and has no audio- This is intentional as i removed them :p

also note this is the same version that the donaters have ill be moving them to test 3 and then final :p they get to play with a few more goodies...



++Rom Features++

custom clock
Themed Dialer
9 lockscreens (thanks whitehawk :p) for helping me implemnt those
Acid tweaks :p
improved audiophile audio in the rom :p
Debloated mostly :p

Added and sorted lock screen images and background images into there own folders will be copyed to your sd card on install :p

also note the task bar icons are diffrent form the screen shots :p and wil be diffrent then the final once released :p theres 0 bugs with the rom its all cosmetic which will change in some areas enjoy....

Whitehawk always a gentleman and a scoller
Dr Honk and Krylon 360 cause there just boss like no ones busineess :p
Team Acid
The Art of Greg Martin- for letting me include some of his images in this

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I left this phone but I been down the shitty browser road on the sgs4g. It is a problem with the browser every1 strongly suggested dolphin and opera mini And the prob was fixed. Good luck man

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