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[ROM][[CWM][Swave Miui][2.3.5][IN BETA!][21-SEPT-11]

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After of month of trial and errors, I can finally introduce you guys to the first Miui rom for the Galaxy S 4g :p

Quick Info​
  • 2.3.5 Gingerbread AOSP!​
  • Was based on the latest Miui 1.9.16 release for the vibrant!​
  • Drhonk KH2 Kernel is been used.

  • KI1 Modem is been used.

  • The rom has an amazing Battery life!​

  • Really stable and fast!​

  • Install and Find out the rest for yourself!
Whats working​
  • Calling and data​
  • Sound​
  • GPS

  • Bluetooth

  • Wifi -------Static IP address only---------!​

  • Camera​

  • ....more​

  • To setup Static IP address, Please read here
What not working.​
  • Theme manager.​
  • Vibration.
  • Wifi Dynamic IP address.
  • Camecorder
  • Video playback laggs a lil, EASY FIX!

  • - Market wont find any applications upon searching. Use this workaround for now until its fixed.
  • ....Test more and report back please.
How to install​
believe your on a GB boatloader already if not, please odin any GB build to get it.​
Odin any Drhonk's GB kernel to get a recovery to flash this rom with.

  • Download the rom and place it inside your SDcard.

  • Head to mount and storage and do mmmu. Also make sure to wipe everything.

  • Go to Voodoo menu and make sure the settings are enabled.

  • Flash the rom

  • Reboot

...Listen to linda giving her important speech!​
Download links​
Please make sure to press the thanks button and rate the topic​
Tips and Treaks

Long Press
Long press on the icon in Toggles will launch the settings for that icon.

Screen Shot
Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen. The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the sd card.

Hold Home
Press Home key at the first screen, you may preview screen thumbnails and add or move screens.

Delete Message or Call Log
Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.

Edit Mode
You may hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.

Call Activated
Your phone will vibrate when a call gets through.

Activate Music from Lockscreen
Double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player when the screen is locked.​

Quick SMS/Phone Launch​
in the lockscreen, hold down the icon of Call or SMS, and you can enter the responding program.

Quick Launch Torch
Hold down Home key to quickly enable the torch when the screen is locked.

Quick Launch Contact Options​
Click the contact image in Calls, SMS and Contacts, shortcut menus will pop up.

Long Press Search​
Long press on Search button will launch search via voice recognition.

Recovery Reboot
Click menu in "System Update" to reboot and enter recovery.

% for Battery
The battery will display the percentage of left battery capacity by Settings>System>Battery>Notification Indicator Style>Percentage.

Running Apps List
Long press on the Home button can go to "Program Manager". Click the "Clear up" button at the bottom left to clear the extra processes in memory. And the system will inform you of the released memory and current available memory.
Note: System processes will not be cleared so as to ensure the normal running of the system.

IP Calling :​
How to set IP dialing?
MIUI ROM can add an IP prefix for the called number in a strange land. You may set it in Settings>Common>Calls.
You may also long press the contact item before dialing, and choose "Make IP calls" in the pop-up menu.

Reject Call :
When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.

Custom Ringtones​
: .
How to set custom ringtones?
Put media files into the Media/Audio/ringtones directory in the SD card, (If there is none of this directory, please create one manually) and then select in Sounds in Settings.
Note: there are three directories under Audio, corresponding to the following tones:
notifications--notification ringtones
ringtones--incoming call ringtones
alarms--alarming ringtones
Supported formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Midi, etc.

Important SMS
As for those important messages you want to add to your favorites, you may long press the message in the pop-up menu and select "Favorites". You may switch to "Favorites" tab in the main SMS interface to view collected messages.

720p Video​
How to enable 720P to record a video?
Turn on Camera and switch to Video, select "High", and select "720P" in the pop-up menu of video quality.

Quick Delete SMS
How to quickly delete items?
You may slide from left to right on the item and click on the red "Delete" button when it appears.

Tether :
How can I share my network to the PC or other terminals?
Firmware of Android 2.2 and above support the sharing of mobile phones to other Internet terminal in the following method:
Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "Share mobile network", you may choose to share the Internet connection by USB tethering or setting up portable Wi-Fi hotspot.​


-Google Developers for the great roms

-jamezelle and the whole Miui-us Irc chat rom crew

-RaverX3X For the guidance and help

-Drhonk for the kernel


If you appreciate my work and time, you can always buy me a drink!​

Please do message me on forums when your donating so I can add you on a list to test the my feature unreleased and working on roms. This to show how thankful I'm to you guys support!


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MIUI looking good! Great job!
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