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Version 1.4 and 1.5:

Finally got everything setup to build android from source again. New version is CM based. I replaced the torch app with the fully functioning version, added QuickPic, Odexer (deodex version), newest Market app and removed all the failed hulu bloat lol. As before, Sprint vvm app is included for those that use it. Version 1.4 has stock cm kernel and version 1.5 has pershoot v14 from sparksco. V6 supercharger is no longer included, if you want it, you know where to get it. Cyclonic 1.4+ now comes in deodex and odex versions. All apps have been zipaligned and fully optimized.

Thanks: CM team for their open source including of course toastcfh for his kernel work (1.4), kushdeck for versions 1.3 and below, sparksco for use of his kernels, crump84, drob311, FdxRider and others from the huddle for testing (I forget who all tested lol).

Issues with Google Talk? Flash this.

Versions 1.3 and below:

This is something I have been tinkering with for awhile. Its a 2.3.7 AOSP ROM that's based off of my favorite ROM Shift Deck (will be further updated once Android source becomes available again). It includes fully functional theme chooser. Everything works including WiMax.

Please keep in mind, if you flash the no kernel version you MUST flash a custom AOSP kernel before rebooting. Failure to flash a custom kernel after flashing will result in the ROM booting up with whatever kernel was flashed prior (if coming from a Sense ROM this wouldn't be good). You could have bootloops or stuck on splash. To reiterate: if you flash the no kernel version; please flash a kernel before you reboot your phone, thanks.

  • ODEX system and framework (super fast loading)
  • Latest GAPPS included
  • SDcard read ahead mod
  • Pershoot built in (thanks sparksco for an awesome kernel) *dependent on the version you flash
  • Default Android Launcher
  • Other tweaks
  • See changelog for complete info
Instructions for Cyclonic version 1.2:

ODEX apps (data/app and data/app-private) thanks to tommytomatoe for the script (version 1.2):
  • open the app "Terminal Emulator"
  • Type "su" then press "enter"
  • Type " -DA" then press "enter"
  • After its finished, reboot your phone
Instructions for Cyclonic version 1.3:

V6 SuperCharger instructions:
  • I renamed the script (located at system/xbin) "" to make it easier to run
  • Basic usage: open terminal emulator. Type "su" press enter. Type "" then select an option
  • Detailed instructions from the creator zeppelinrox and his thread V6 SuperCharger
Minor issues:
  • Hulu hack doesn't appear to be working, only getting audio myself :confused:
New downloads:
Cyclonic Version 1.5 Odex (95.51 MB)
Cyclonic Version 1.5 Deodex (94.14 MB)

Older downloads:

Cyclonic Version 1.4 Odex (94.6 MB)
Cyclonic Version 1.4 Deodex (93.23 MB) *Includes Odexer in case you change your mind

Cyclonic Version 1.3 (89.16 MB)
Cyclonic Version 1.3 No Kernel (86.05 MB) *For advanced users*
Cyclonic Version 1.2 (92.97 MB)
Cyclonic Version 1.2 No Kernel (89.48 MB) *For advanced users*
Cyclonic Version 1.1 ( 85.99 MB)
Cyclonic Version 1.1 No Kernel (82.5 MB) *For advanced users*
Cyclonic Version 1 (82.6 MB) *Older gapps in this version*

Android Beginner
5 Posts
Changelog newest update (11/15/2011):

[11/15/2011] Cyclonic 1.5:
OTA updating *should* work in ROM manager.
Some minor edits to settings.apk, systemUI.apk and other apps.
Odex and deodex version available.
Pershoot V14 kernel from sparksco.
Unvisible tweak by luciferii included found here.
Unvisible tweak includes: juwe's ram script, smokinl337's sicktweaks and SDcard speed fix (4096kb).

[11/10/2011] Cyclonic 1.4:
Cyclonic is now available in ROM manager.
New version is synced with CM as of 11/09/11.
Odex and deodex versions available.
Deodex includes Odexer app just in case.
Includes stock cm kernel by toastcfh.
QuickPic included in data/app.
Zipaligned and highly optimized apps.
Newest Gapps including Market version 3.3.11.
Sprint VVM is included.
Sdcard read ahead mod.
Carrier name has not been changed on this version.

[10/15/2011] Cyclonic 1.3:
New odex script for system/app and system/framework - thanks to dodgejcr for the help!
Add Hulu Mod by compuw22c found here - although in my experience I get audio but no video.. (need to download adobe flash from market).
Added V6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox found here (renamed to located in system/xbin).
Sprint VVM is included.
Sdcard read ahead mod included.
Pershoot v9 is included in regular version.
Carrier name has not been changed on this version.

[9/22/2011] Cyclonic 1.2:
Further optimizations (made sure all of system/framework was odex this time and classes.dex removed from each apk/jar).
Add Hulu Mod by compuw22c found here (doesn't appear to be working though).
Added V6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox found here (renamed to located in system/xbin).
Added Sprint voicemail in data/app.
Added odex script to odex data/apps located in system/bin by tommytomatoe found here.
Carrier name has not been changed on this version.
Added cyanbreak and androidian default theme chooser apps.
Probably other things I forget.

[9/16/2011] Cyclonic 1.1:
Added This version doesn't contain a Boot.img or any system/lib/module files (no kernel whatsoever). This means you can flash this version and then flash any custom AOSP kernel before rebooting your phone. I have tested this on Tiamat, x99 and scaryghoul kernels; they all booted up fine. If you have any issues (WiFi, 3G, 4G connectivity problems) please reboot your phone.

[9/11/2011] Cyclonic 1.0:
Released Cyclonic 1.0 (older GAPPS with previous market and sprint VVM) and 1.1 (newer GAPPS).
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