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ApeX 2.0 for Droid 2 Global Gingerbread has finally reached the Release Candidate landmark! As always, the goals of the ROM are speed, stability, reliability, and simplicity of use. I feel that this version lives up to those goals admirably! Take it for a test yourself and see if you agree!

  • You must be on the D2G .606 or .607 or a ROM based on it.
  • System should be: 4.5.607.A956.Verizon.en.US (or .606)
  • Kernel should be:
As always, you must take responsibility for what you do to your own phone. <br />
I have created this ROM and tested it to the best of my ability. <br />
The instructions are written to make sure that users have success installing and using the ROM. <br />
However, if anything goes wrong and your phone is damaged or rendered useless, I do not take any responsibility.
  • Motorola - for building this great device and providing a decent Gingerbread base (.607)
  • Google - for Android, AOSP source code used to compile many apps in this ROM
  • CyanogenMod Team - for GB source code used to compile many apps in this ROM
  • SuperTeam - for Launcher2 source code
  • @team_black_hat and @p3droid - for all the work they do to acquire leaks and rooted GB builds
  • @kejar31 - for teaching me his secret sauce technique for compiling AOSP apps for the Blur Framework
  • @jrummy16 and @drod2169 - for providing answers to my many questions via Gtalk
  • @_Mycahya_ and @Mobile_Sensei - for helping me with some of the harder themeing in the ROM
  • @X13thAngelX - for pointers in porting to D2G and testing
  • aceoyame- for D2G Gingerbread leak
  • Dr. Carpenter - for creating the Google boot logo
  • All my testers - for helping me make Apex great!

*Follow these guys on Twitter if you aren't already (links provided)!
*If I left anyone out, sorry! Please let me know so I can add you to the list!​
Changelog in RC4
  • Fixed Market purchasing error
  • Restored Blur camera for now
  • Updated system base to .607
  • Fixed bluetooth phone call volume bug and custom ringtones!
  • This required the return of Blur dialer and contacts. Fortunately, these apps bring good features as well.
  • Super Launcher2 brings amazing speed, customization, while retaining AOSP styling
  • True AOSP lockscreen sliders (less laggy than Blur sliders)
  • Updated Superuser 3.0 beta 3 app and binary (thanks @ChainsDD!)
  • Updated latest Market 3.1.3
  • Updated Terminal Emulator and OI File Manager
  • Fixed some signature errors -- Superuser, Market, Terminal Emulator, and File Manager can now be updated through Market
  • Other cool stuff
  • Android 2.3.3 based on the Gingerbread OTA (4.5.607)
  • All apps replaced with AOSP/CM7 counterparts except dialer/contacts (compiled from source for D2, by me)
  • Stock Gingerbread Theme
  • Bloat and Market apps removed
  • Facebook for Android App syncs w/ Contacts!
  • DSP Manager (visual equalizer) for headphones, phone speaker, and BT
  • MusicMod with gesture controls
  • Dev Tools, Spare Parts, Terminal Emulator for fun tweakin'
  • ApeX wallpaper gallery with user submitted wallpapers!
  • Quadrant "Turbo" Mode for mad scores
  • Witty Protips (ApeX Blurbs)

  1. poweroverwhelming : activate Quadrant "turbo" mode
  2. sys : mount system r/w and r/o
Things to know
  • Market apps are removed (Gmail, Maps, Voice Search, etc). Remember to re-enable Gmail sync in your account settings after downloading it.
  • Preset, Yahoo, Email, Motorola, and Corporate Sync in add accounts don't do anything.
  • Sync Facebook contacts using the official app
  • If you need to activate your phone, hold down the menu button at the activation screen to bring up the keyboard.
  • Cannot add dialer or contacts to hotseat in new Launcher 2. Keep dialer in the default position for now, sorry!
Installation Instructions
  1. Meet all the requirements listed at the top of the post
  2. Wipe data/cache, dalvik cache
  3. Flash Apex

Apex V2.0.0 RC 4 - Droid 2 Global

1e3c141078566dd9e3f64cb879a518de *

If you enjoy my work, consider buying me a beer :)

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Standalone Super Launcher 2 from Apex 2.0 RC3 -- install as you would any apk

Installable Blur Applications

Instructions - These apps are installable like any non-market application. This means you need to go into Settings, Applications, and make sure 'Unknown sources' is checked.

Download the desired file(s) to your sdcard, then use the file manager to click and install it. Some apps require additional steps, which will be detailed below.

Installable Blur Applications for Apex 2.0

Additional Steps for Keyboards (Multitouch, Swype)

-After installing either/both of these keyboards, go into Settings, Language & keyboard, and enable the downloaded keyboard(s). Then, tap and hold a text entry field, and select 'Input method' and select desired keyboard.

Additional Steps for Blur Home

-Blur Home will not work without removing Launcher2. Pay attention to these steps as failure to follow them can result in a missing launcher. After installing the Blur Home apk, fire up the Terminal Emulator and type the following:

su<br />
sys -rw<br />
mv /system/app/Launcher2.apk /system/app/Launcher2.bak<br />
Hit home, wait a few seconds, and the Blur launcher will come up.​

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If you make an Apex 2.0 RC3 theme, please tweet or PM me and I will add a link in this post!

REVOlution - classic theme by @manup456 ported by Fabolous for Apex 2.0 RC3

Install like ROM but do not wipe. Choose correct version for your device!

REVOlution RC3 for Droid X

ad264ddc6b21f4d85188f49585c51ffc *

REVOlution RC3 for Droid 2 & Global

be1cb677fe427fd1a8c3c0000b0354e1 *

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Hello, this looks very nice! I am thinking about installing it.

I have .607 installed and rooted. I do not have a recovery or a bootstrapper installed, and I would prefer not to if I can avoid it because I don't like how the recovery would constantly reappear on every boot. Can I install this from the Motorola recovery (Hold X key during bootup)?

Does this have a built-in tether app, or if not will any of the rooted tether apps work with this?

Thanks again!

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This looks excellent and I'd like to try it out. One question though before I flash this. In the "Things to know - Preset, Yahoo, Email, Motorola, and Corporate Sync in add accounts don't do anything" - does that mean that there is an issue or an inability to set up email or Corporate Sync accounts?

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chameo53 said:
This looks excellent and I'd like to try it out. One question though before I flash this. In the "Things to know - Preset, Yahoo, Email, Motorola, and Corporate Sync in add accounts don't do anything" - does that mean that there is an issue or an inability to set up email or Corporate Sync accounts?
No, you can still add any email account via the actual Email app. It's those shortcuts in the 'Accounts & Sync' menu that don't work. They are simply placeholders for Blur services that cannot be removed or else contacts will FC.

mixalhsxalk said:
Is there any gsm prob??Im a gsm user..How about wifi stability and speed??thanks that you share your work with us..
X13thAngelX tested GSM mode for me, and although he does not have GSM service, nothing force closed which is indication that it should work without problems. This ROM keeps the stock Blur dialer, contacts, and telephony provider so nothing along the lines of radio should differ from stock.

slyez said:
Swype FCs. Followed instructions please help me get this working.
I think the D2G has a newer version of Swype and the installable one I made for DX is not compatible. I will make one from the D2G dump later tonight when I get off work for you to try.

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Byakushiki said:
I'm just wondering, does MusicMod support .flac audio? That's the only thing that's kept me from switching up to 4.5.607; that and lockscreen music controls.
I'm pretty certain that 4.5.607 does not have native flac support. MusicMod (CM7 music app) is just a fork of the original music app, so I don't think it has support for any additional filetypes that the system does not support.

mixalhsxalk said:
how can i remove some apps and change dencity without bootlooping??thanks
Easiest way for you to remove apps is with a GUI like Root Explorer. If you're more terminal saavy, you can use the following commands:

sys -rw (mounts system as read/write)
rm /system/app/name-of-app.apk (repeat this as many times for all the apps you want to delete)

Ghub1 said:
If I want to restore a 606 ROM will that work after flashing this? I know yge kernel is the same sobit should work right?
Yep, should work fine.
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