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  • Use these files at your own risk. I take no responsibility should anything break, implode, explode, etc.
This is a deodex substitue , including RTL support, for D2G GB 4.5.608 stock odexed parts.
Far as I tested there are no more boot loops or FC.

Precaution :
1. Backup your data using a backup app.
2. When in the Droid2Bootstrap recovey (see below) make a Nandroid backup before flashing.

Instrcutions :

1. Make sure your D2G run GB 4.5.608 ota ONLY - otherwise you must upgrade to it.

2. Download and place it in your SD-card.
3. Root your device
4. Install Koush Droid2Bootstrap
5. run Droid2Bootstrap , push "Bootstrap recovery" confirm "OK"
then "Reboot Recovery " . The device will reboot into the Droid2Bootstrap recovey.

While in recovey:

6. "wipe data/factory Reset"
7. "Install zip from sdcard" : Flash
8. Reboot


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I have d2g with gb 4.5.629, I did everything you wrote and it just stuck.
Actually it is becouse this Firmware is for 4.5.608, if you have 4.5.629, you will just brick the phone, i think you already did it, once you are on 4.5.629 updated you will not be able to downgrade.
Look at the 1st step again, it is with Capital Letters
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