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[Rom]Decoris3D|V2.1R2 [Odex/DeOdex][Sense/Senseless][03/11/12]

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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: Sense (HTC)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Sprint

Optional:: Custom Settings

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Smali Edits

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

Decoris:Latin;adj(genitive singluar of decus) - adorned, elegant, beautiful, graceful.​

Note: Wallpaper can be found attached to bottom of OP

This ROM is a work in progress, and my very first ROM release, so all feedback is greatly appreciated (be gentle). My main goal with this ROM is stability. With that being said, I'll be adding in various features/changes on a regular basis (your suggestions would help-the more I can add, the better the ROM gets) provided they don't compromise stability of the ROM in any aspect.

Based on 2.17.651.5 RUU (Android 2.3.4 + HTC SenseUI 3.0)
-Completely stock themed (This will probably not change)<br />
-Rooted<br />
-Odex/De-Odex versions (Themes will not work on odex unless specifically made for this ROM)<br />
-Freeza's modified stock kernel<br />
-Minimal bloat removed<br />
-Various build.prop tweaks<br />
-All .png's compressed to minimize RAM usage<br />
-Removed recent apps from notification drop-down<br />
-Zipaligned all applications<br />
-LowMemKiller tweaked to be more aggressive on empty/hidden processes<br />
-Included sysro/sysrw scripts for easy mounting of /system partition<br />
-WiFi scan interval increased to 120<br />
-Forced HW acceleration<br />
-GPS lock speed tweaks<br />
-TTodex script (Will odex all user installed apps)<br />
-Added Terminal Emulator<br />
-Added latest SU<br />
-Optional<br />
-Increased dalvik vm heapsize (though there shouldn't be a need for this)<br />
-Astro file manager<br />
-Moved all bloat and added apps to /data/app for easy removal<br />
-Extended quick settings (thanks ihtfp69)<br />
-Removed camera capture sounds<br />
-Statusbar now properly reflects 3G/1x<br />
-Added support for additional ## codes<br />
-Updated Vending.apk to 3.2<br />
-4EXT recovery manager included (Try this recovery out, it's worth it!)<br />
-RootzWiki forum app included (uninstallable)<br />
-The Configurator added (Smokin1337: Full instructions can be found [URL=""]here[/URL])<br />
*Virtuous OC<br />
*Sick Tweaks<br />
*UV settings<br />
*Capacitive LED light adjustments<br />
*EXT4 optimization<br />
-HTC Amaze camera<br />
-Unlimited tabs in browser<br />
-Adrenaline Shot v14-1 (dSexton702)<br />
-Light statusbar theme elements[/center]<br />
[center]-Leedroid Tweaks by j4n87 and daniels7[/center]<br />
<br />
-OTA updates available via Goo Manager<br />
-Removed apps available as optional download<br />
-Sony XLoud engine<br />
-Full change log available in post #3<br />

Current Odex: - 374.21 MB
Current De-Odex: - 369.6
Removed Apps: - 26.48 MB
Go Senseless add-on: - 3.59 MB
(FYI. This script removes data and odex files that are associated with Sense. If you find something that isn't supposed to be there please let me know so I can get the script updated. It also installs GoLauncher EX to /system to ensure that if you wipe data, you won't boot into a ROM without a launcher.)

Old Odex:
- - 394.88 MB
- - 394.35 MB
Old De-Odex:
- - 391.92 MB
-NANDROID (I can not stress this enough)
-From recovery (doesn't matter which one, I use CWM touch)
-Wipe data (if coming from previous version of Decoris3D, wipe of cache and dalvik should be fine)
-Install .zip
dsixda-Android Kitchen
HeyItsLou-All around help/great tutorials
TommyTomatoe-ttodex script
TrevE-Tutorial for removing CIQ and HTC logging
ihtfp69-Extended quick settings
Smokin1337-The Configurator
Freeza-modified stock kernel
igor.bezkrovny-Porting Amaze 4G camera
JRummy16-Root Browser Full
dSexton702-Adrenaline Shot
j4n87 &amp;&amp; daniels7-Leedroid Tweaks hosting


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Script instructions:

This will allow mounting of the /system partition as r/w for easy app removal/edit via any file manager.
-via Terminal Emulator
[/b]<br />
[b]$su[/b]<br />
[b]#sysrw[/b]<br />
To remount as r/o
[/b]<br />
[b]$su[/b]<br />
[b]#sysro[/b]<br />
This script allows you to dexopt all apps in the data partition. This will reduce the need for dalvik-cache and increase boot time. It should also theoretically optimize application performance and load times as well as increase CPU efficiency.
-via Terminal Emulator
[/b]<br />
[b]$su[/b]<br />
[b]#sh -DA[/b]<br />
The Configurator
This tool allows a plethora of tweaks that each user can define themselves. Check out Smokin1337's thread for info on what each of these does. Make sure to thank him for his work as well!
-via Terminal Emulator
[/b]<br />
[b]$su[/b]<br />
[b]#cc[/b]<br />
Note: All mentioned scripts can be run in ADB-shell with the same (getting SU might be different) commands as well.



-Adrenaline Shot v13 (dSexton702)
-Centered statusbar clock (because of this mod, it may be necessary to receive a notification after boot to be able to see statusbar icons-any notification should work; su notify, some ongoing notification, wimax scan notification, usb connected, etc., etc.)
-Further tweaked build.prop
-Updated HTC Amaze camera
-Some light theme elements to statusbar images
-Re-based on latest RUU 2.08.651.3
-Unlimited browser tabs
-HTC Amaze camera
-Removed NoFrills CPU (Freeze issues)
-Removed Sony Panoramic cam (Amaze cam includes pan option)
-A few more build.prop tweaks
-Added 4EXT recovery manager (Try this recovery out, it's worth it!)
-Tiamat kernel is now included by default
-Updated SU binary to latest version
-NoFrills CPU is now included
-More bloat removed
-RootzWiki forum app included (uninstallable)
-Sony panorama cam included (uninstallable)
-The Configurator added (Smokin1337: Full instructions can be found here)
[*]This is an excellent tool with a variety of functions. Please be sure the thank Smokin1337 for this mod
-Removed Google+ (causing issues with HtcContacts.apk)
-Removed Gtalk w/ video chat
-Removed more bloat
-No more GPS reticle unless GPS is on
-Added HTC flashlight
-Should be completely stable this time! (sorry about the last one)
-Updated Vending.apk to 3.2
-Included latest version of G+
-Fixed Terminal Emulator
-Gtalk with video chat enabled
-Minor Framework tweaks
-Move all bloat and added apps to /data/app for easy removal
-Extended quick settings (thanks ihtfp69)
-Removed camera capture sounds
-Statusbar now properly reflects 3G/1x
-Added support for additional ## codes
-Added Astro file manager
-New Market
-Fixes an issue where terminal emulator would crash on launch
-Updated Gmail
-Updated Google Maps
-CIQ and manufacturer logging completely removed (HUGE thanks to TrevE for the guide)
-Added Terminal Emulator
-Added latest SU
-Optional (Includes ADWLauncher as the default)
-Increased dalvik vm heapsize (though there shouldn't be a need for this)
-Initial release
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Updated to 1.0r6.. Changelog is available in the second post.
New update. v1.0r9. Changelog in OP+2.
Update in OP. v1 r13...

Changelog in third post.

Please let me know what you think.
By request, a de-odexed version is now up, and will be updated along side the odex version. Any issues with it, please let me know, as I do not run the de-odex version, so there is no way for me to tell without input. Thanks!
New version up...
One thing I HIGHLY recommend, removing the tell htc crap! It's "logging" software that could be malicious!

[ROM] ~~~ Stock 2.08.651.2 With HTC/Sprint Spyware Removed (10/2/11) ~~~ - xda-developers
That's a ROM that gets rid of it!

Even Sprint is VERY aware of it and is having HTC remove it!
Twitter / @sprint: Recommended security updat ...
wwjoshdew said:
One thing I HIGHLY recommend, removing the tell htc crap! It's "logging" software that could be malicious!

[ROM] ~~~ Stock 2.08.651.2 With HTC/Sprint Spyware Removed (10/2/11) ~~~ - xda-developers
That's a ROM that gets rid of it!

Even Sprint is VERY aware of it and is having HTC remove it!
Twitter / @sprint: Recommended security updat ...
Check my base. It was removed in older versions-which actually broke minor functionalities. The latest base has patched the security holes from HTC, so there's no need to worry about the exploit. The logging is actually very helpful otherwise.

I appreciate the input though.
Update is out for de-odex. Odex version is uploading...
Okay, both versions are up. It should be noted that there is a slight bug on boot due to the center clock mod. If your device is plugged into USB when you boot, you may not even notice it.

Description: When booting up, no text or icons show on the notification bar. If you plug your phone into a USB cable, this issue will go away. If you can't do that, any notification at all will work; SMS, Gmail, voicemail, anything. This seems to happen at every boot.

I'm not sure what exactly is causing it, but I'll look into it and have it fixed for the next release.
v2.0r3; odex and de-odex are up in the OP. These contain the bugfixes for what I mentioned last night.

If you've already flashed 2.0r2, the zips below are a small flashover with the fixes.

Odex: - 899 KB
De-Odex: - 1.4 MB
Update available in OP.

-Hotspot unlocked
-De-odex version now available (not tested)
-Re-based on latest RUU 2.17.651.5
-Adrenaline Shot v14-1
-Updated HTC Amaze Cam
-Modified stock kernel by Freeza
-More build.prop tweaks
-All removed bloat/apps now pushed to sdcard (readme.txt in same folder for install instructions)
-Leedroid tweaks with a mostly stock look (removed Leedroid theme elements)
-Updated Configurator
-Other stuff
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Updates are in the OP.

Current Odex: - 374.21 MB
Current De-Odex: -369.6



-OTA update notifications available via goo-manager (from this version forward)
-Included goo-manager in /data/app
-Entire framework now pngopted for better RAM utilization
-ICS animations
-Google play added to /sdcard/Decoris3D/mods
-Sony XLoud engine
-There's more I'm forgetting...
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