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Hey guys. Here's the official Gingerbread 2.3.4 that Krylon360 posted. Huge EPIC thanks to him for finding this build and to Chainfire for decrypting it. Without them we wouldn't be here. ^^

What's Included
~ Completely deodexed
~ Stock kernel
~ Stock modem
~ Root
~ Busybox 1.19.0
~ Additional app Quickboot

Be sure to disable voodoo! and YES Drhonk's KG4 kernel should be completely compatible with this!

Want the CRT off animation? HERE IT IS. This is not flashable, move to /system/framework and set permissions to rw-r--r-- and reboot

There is no need for screenshots. This is STOCK!

Thank you and please enjoy!

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Awesomeness all around :)

Sent from the pits of hell.

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For the people who are asking if there are bootloaders in this ROM, Whitehawkx said in another thread that he NEVER includes bootloaders! He does not want to be blamed for hard bricks, etc. :)

Anyone who needs the KG6 bootloaders can flash the KG6 leak posted by krylon360. Correct me if I'm wrong.

andrewddo said:
so after we flash do we keep this rfs format??
I think we can flash drhonk's KG4 kernel and get Voodoo for KG6. He's currently working on a KG6 kernel though. Much thanks to Team Whiskey! :D

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Ok, I'm sorry, you're probably all gonna hate me for asking, but I promise I've searched the internet all day (literally hours) and can't find an answer.

So I've finally figured out wtf odin is. I'm updating my SGS4G right now with a non deodexed gingerbread, but I'd really like the deodexed version as you can all do I flash this update? That's it...that's my question...hopefully it's simply enough to answer but not simple enough to ignore.

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