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Stable Samsung Gingerbread... FINALLY. LOL. Exchange support, new modem, stellar battery life, smoothness dial on 11.... My ROM's focus on a clean UI, the most battery life possible, and up-to-date software.

Special thanks to Fluffy and indiadelta for exchange support and troubleshooting!
Also huge thanks to xcaliburinhand at XDA for his kernel, and MikeyMike01 for the installation instructions so I wouldn't have to write them.

More Nexus like "stock" Gingerbread theming.
XCaliburinhand's Reoriented i9000 kernel V1.2 for JVH NON-VOODOO
Voodoo Sound V8
All bloat removed.
JP9 Modem for 850MHz 3G (For 1900MHz markets, try any of the JV* modems)

- Download JVH 2.0 Here -

Installation instructions...

Once flashed with the new Gingerbread bootloaders...
Recovery is Vol+ and Power.
Download Mode is Vol- and USB Plug.

Also, to go back to stock for whatever reason... should only be done with the ODIN-3 One Click restore. Otherwise you're looking at hard permanent bricking your device.

You can download the One-Click Restore here: ODIN3 One-Click Restore UCJF6

MikeyMike01 @ XDA said:
Installation Instructions:

1. Download this package.

2. Open Odin3 1.7

3. Select the PDA, PHONE, CSC, and PIT files in their correct spots

4. Connect phone in download mode

5. Ensure that Auto-reboot and Re-Partition are both checked. These have a tendency to change after plugging the phone in, so double check before you hit start.

6. This is where the bootloader will be flashed, along with stock Gingerbread. Hit Start.

7. Allow the phone to boot.

8. Close Odin3, and open a fresh one. Select Reorient_Kernel_1.1 in the PDA box.

9. Reboot into download mode (adb reboot download, or hold Vol Down + Power)

10. Plug the phone into the computer.

11. MAKE SURE RE-PARTITION IS NOT CHECKED. If it is, you'll soft-brick and have to start over.

12. Flash the kernel (hit start).

13. Once the phone reboots, place "JVH 2.0" ROM .zip onto the SD Card.

14. Reboot into Recovery (adb reboot recovery, or Vol Up + Power)

15. Flash ROM with CWM

16. Enjoy!

Captivate/Atrix Dev
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nars said:
Great stuff Dorian! Ill be flashing this on my gf's phone tonight after work!
Hope it goes well!

erstad said:
you think this will work on kf1 boot loaders?
ext4 capable ?
Sure will. KF1 bootloaders will actually be a part of my next ROM. And no, the default kernel with the package is xCal's reoriented kernel. It's not the Voodoo version. You can get the Voodoo lagfix version for JVH here:
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