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[ROM] Eclipse Gingerbread - No Blur

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I have been working on trying to remove blur from the x2 for a little while now. The aosp contacts/dialer and phone are now working. The dialer needs resized for qHD so do not comment on that the dialer is small, that will be fixed later on. If someone would like to work on the cosmetics of the aosp contacts, dialer that would be awesome. You can thank nitwit at xda for the new bootanimation.

I have started a new thread on this so this does clutter up the existing thread(s).

The main issue at hand is the market. Downloading any apps from the market will not work.I am sure it is something easy but I just need a fresh pair of eyes on it.

Here is a download link:
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Just want to say I love this ROM! I've been an early adopter of all your ROM's and have never had any desire to leave any of them! I flashed over from eclipse 0.5 and love this!

I am also having the market issue but was able to restore everything thru TiBu without a hitch. I have 275mb free with this ROM!! Also had q scores over 3k!

I also found a couple symbol keys are messed up on the keyboard. Both keys are & and work just fine but they are messed graphically.

Thank you for your fine work!
"ericerk said:
Any way to make it stand alone???
Why do you need the blur alarm specifically? The AOSP one is better and alarm clock extremely works well too and is free. Blur one was not reliable for me. Is there a certain unique feature to the blur clock?

If you just need the apk for a different alarm clock, there are plenty of alternative download sites out there.
Anyone come up with a fix for the market issue yet? I've tried all combinations of data and cache wiping and still get "app" could not be downloaded because of an error. I can't even get free ones!
Ok but still doesn't fix the issue. Is it a ROM issue or a Google issue?
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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