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[ROM] Eclipse Gingerbread - No Blur

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I have been working on trying to remove blur from the x2 for a little while now. The aosp contacts/dialer and phone are now working. The dialer needs resized for qHD so do not comment on that the dialer is small, that will be fixed later on. If someone would like to work on the cosmetics of the aosp contacts, dialer that would be awesome. You can thank nitwit at xda for the new bootanimation.

I have started a new thread on this so this does clutter up the existing thread(s).

The main issue at hand is the market. Downloading any apps from the market will not work.I am sure it is something easy but I just need a fresh pair of eyes on it.

Here is a download link:
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I apologize for not reading ask the theads about this, but I.was wondering about the market issues others are having. Is this rom the one you are having issues with market? Or is it eclipse v .5 ? Im running v.5 with no market issues and that includes buying from the dark market app. I can take screens if u would like. I'm just trying to help. Is there a file or something I can send nitro to help with the issue? I had the market trouble before but I can't remember the fix. I thought it was sign in and out, but u can't. I'm just trying to help.

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Ok I was just checking. hope all goes well with the dev, keep it up guys.

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