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[ROM] Eclipse Gingerbread - No Blur

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I have been working on trying to remove blur from the x2 for a little while now. The aosp contacts/dialer and phone are now working. The dialer needs resized for qHD so do not comment on that the dialer is small, that will be fixed later on. If someone would like to work on the cosmetics of the aosp contacts, dialer that would be awesome. You can thank nitwit at xda for the new bootanimation.

I have started a new thread on this so this does clutter up the existing thread(s).

The main issue at hand is the market. Downloading any apps from the market will not work.I am sure it is something easy but I just need a fresh pair of eyes on it.

Here is a download link:
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rp076 said:
Just wanna update real quick. Been running this yesterday evening, flashed with no wipe (twitter-txbeaner) been running real smooth. But have had a couple minor issues. Occasionally the green led light on top of the screen will come on when screen is unlocked & stay on until screen is locked & off again. I rebooted & hasn't happened since this morning. Another issue is sometimes pages don't fully load when using the browser. Just every once in awhile. Those are the only things I've noticed so far. Other than that it really seems great. Thanks for all your work on this!

EDIT: I'm now getting a dim green led light when I lock my screen. Reboot & it shuts off. Also the & key is showing & on the keyboard. Gonna go back to v.5 & wait for the next update.
That light thing happens to me on stock occasionally

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