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Eclipse Jellybean - Welcome to the Dark!

Eclipse Rom Features: (general overview)
Motorola Blur based with AOSP goodies compiled from my Eclipse AOSP source
Dark UI
Extended power menu with reboot, hot reboot, and bootloader
AOSP lockscreen with sound toggle
Resources changed back to AOSP UI/theme
Modified app priority for faster launching
framework enhancements for smoother scrolling
AOSP Deskclock
Terminal emulator
T9 AOSPDialer
Quick Reply MMS
Inverted Google Apps
Inverted Apps
Removed IME toggle from status bar
Trebuchet Launcher modded by me for the Razr M
4.2 Keyboard with Swype like functions

Much much more!!

v1.2 - 3/2/13
Fixed alarm clock and changed to 4.1.2 based
Fixed MMS sending
Fixed/enabled default tethering/hotspot
New trebuchet launcher for the M
Added pulldown toggles
Added soft menu key
Added cpu boosting hooks to eliminate some lag
Changed to a modded blur camera/gallery
Updated AOSP contacts to latest Eclipse source
Fixed/Added back DSP manager
Added Google Car home dock
Updated Superuser, Market, YouTube, Maps, Music, Google Now, Chrome
Inverted Google Talk
Added launcher settings under "Device" in settings
Updated to latest 4.2.2 Email from Eclipse source
Darkened UI Eclipse AOSP style

v1.1 - 1/8/13
Added 4.2.1 Alarm clock - from Eclipse AOSP source
Removed DSP Manager due to sound issues
Removed Car Home as it is not currently supported by Google
Leaner build
Fixed Calendar sync - built a new Calendar from Eclipse AOSP source
Added accurate battery mod - battery displays in 1% increments
Updated Inverted Gmail, Terminal and Google Now

Do not use any of my work with prior approval.

Download Rom:
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Ok thanks. There is one method I have tried it almost rooted put the super user ago in device but then wouldn't work. Then was told had to swap out super user apps. Do you have an idea if this method is the same case? Thanks for your time, also I'm on jelly bean ota do this matter to? Thanks again.

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Yes this happened to me also, go to and download the Rootzipfile .
unzip. go to the system folder that you just unzipped from rootzsipfile, then the app folder copy the superuser.apk paste it into your current motofail2go folder which will replace the old one, go back to the system, then xbin folder and copy the su file and paste that also into your motofail2go folder.

Now try to root again, and pay close attention to the instruction, you will come to a part that says hold the up, and power button until it vibrates. you should be good to go. good luck.
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