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Welcome to the Dark!!

General Overview
Eclipse TW is based off of VRALL4 OTA for the Verizon Wireless Galaxy Note 2

Fully inverted dark UI
-Play Store
-Google Now
Dark themed AOSP JB Eclipse style
AOSP lockscreen with center clock (can be toggled in settings, disable ripple effect when using)
S Note and S Voice included
Removed tethering provisions for free native tethering
Removed bloat and un-needed built in apps
AOSP Inverted Calendar
AOSP Inverted MMS with QuickReply
AOSP Alarm clock
AOSP Contacts/dialer
Custom bootanimation support
Init.d support
CRT Off animation
Saber kernel prepackaged
Removed AM/PM from clock
Any app in multi-window
APN settings/editor
Camera shutter control
Much much more!!!

Special thanks to travp624 and JT productions for paving the way on some Gapps that I have used as a general outline in the past, adrynalyne for fixing the framework on aosp MMS and APN editor, Vertumus for some theming, ptmr3 for saber kernel, and didact74's guide on the toggle for the lockscreen.

<br />
Build 1.4<br />
AOSP Eclipse Contacts<br />
AOSP Eclipse Browser<br />
Updated Calendar theming<br />
AOSP Eclipse Email with security bypass<br />
OI File Manager<br />
Updated Google Now, You Tube, Maps, Market, Photo Editor<br />
Now using Clockworkmod Superuser<br />
Nova launcher now default<br />
framework enhancements for smoother operation<br />
Switched back to 15.2 saber kernel<br />
Updated MMS app<br />
Added Google Car home<br />
Added clock options (center, right, hide, date, am/pm) - under date&time settings<br />
Updated battery options<br />
Removed more touchwiz apps as they are no longer required<br />
Default battery is now circle battery<br />
<br />
Build 1.3<br />
Updated MMS<br />
Fixed YouTube update and sign-in errors<br />
Updated Play Store<br />
Updated Google Voice<br />
Switched to Perseus kernel due to requests<br />
Slight theme update/cleanup<br />
<br />
Build 1.2<br />
Removed AM/PM from status bar<br />
Added APN editor - adynalyne<br />
Custom TW launcher is now default<br />
Added camera shutter options<br />
Infinite launcher scrolling<br />
Cleaned up contacts a little<br />
Enabled Find My Mobile in settings<br />
Removed software update from settings<br />
*If you are flashing any battery mods you will need to download the new V3 versions<br />
<br />
Build 1.1.1<br />
Themed in call dialer buttons<br />
Themed some missing components in contacts<br />
Updated Super SU<br />
Fixed notifications being cut off on the bottom<br />
Fixed wifi data arrows<br />
Fixed mobile data arrows<br />
*If you are flashing any battery mods you will need to download the new V2 versions<br />
<br />
Build 1.1<br />
Added CRT off animation<br />
Prepackaged Saber kernel - [url][/url]<br />
Fixed multi-window<br />
<br />
Build 1.0<br />
Initial release

Eclipse TW 1.4:!!!


Battery Options *updated 3/6/13

Icon battery (stock):
Digital battery:
Skinny bar:
Circle battery:
Fatty battery:

White Toggles/Power Widgets (default)

Blue Toggles/Power Widgets

Eclipse modified TW launcher
4x5 home screen, removed dock text and AOSP styled

Stock JB AOSP appearance pack*
For those of you who do not want a fully inverted dark UI I have created a package that will revert back to the white/non-inverted counterparts for a stock JB AOSP experience
-Gmail, Talk, MMS, Holo backgrounds/menus, Voice, Play Store, Google Now, Calendar, Email

Stock JB pack:
*Due to the nature of inverted apps you may need to clear app data on the above non-inverted apps if you experience force closes. For best results flash this package on a fresh install (data wipe/factory reset) after the main rom is flashed in recovery.

Stock Apps

Please do not use any of my work without asking. This includes porting or reposting. Thank you.

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Nitro...thank you for what you do. Looks beautiful!!!
Q: does this include the fully unleashed multi-window?

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