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General Overview
Gingerbread Moto Blur 905 based cleaned up Moto experience with a few modded goodies.
Bloat Removed
A lot of blur has been removed
AOSP/CM7 mms
ICS music
AOSP gallery3D
Eclipse Launcher2
CM7 file manager
CM7 Email
CM7 alarm clock/deskclock
AOSP news & weather
AOSP calendar inverted
AOSP Camera
DSP Manager
Accurate Battery
CRT Animation ON and OFF (even with animations set to fast)
Reboot/recovery/screenshot options
Accurate battery - 1%
Misc prop edits
Custom Host File
GPS config changes
Appwidget Picker - boombuler
Download crutch to help with web downloads
Busy Box
init.d support
ICS deskclock widget
ICS Inspired bootanimation
Custom blue theme throughout
Eclipse Wallpapers
Eclipse Parts
Inverted Contacts/Dialer - thanks to xkape for the help
Inverted Performance manager - xkape
Native Facebook for android integration
7 pulldown toggles (wireless, bluetooth, gps, sound/vibrate, auto brightness, data, airplane mode and rotation)
8 lockscreens (Moto lock, rotary, rotary revamped, AOSP (tab), lense, ring lock, 4 tab, honeycomb lock) thanks to kejar and liberty team for the source!
Lockscreen music controls

Q&A Section:
Q: What do I need to be running first to flash eclipse?

A: Recommended to be running the 905 OTA build first.

Q: I am rooted and running stock 905 build. Now what?
A: Download Eclipse and place it somewhere on your sdcard.
-Make sure you have the bootstrap installed.
-Install Bootstrap
-Reboot Recovery
-On the main screen of recovery select wipe data
-Next select install zip from sd card. Select the eclipse zip, install and reboot!

Q: I lost my radio/data!
A: You must be running 905 in order for the radio to work properly

Q: I am geting force closes and other weird stuff
A: It is highly recommended to wipe data each time you flash eclipse. If the problem persists I would re-download the rom, wipe data and flash again.

Download Eclipse v3.0:

For you GO Launcher users out there I have a matching theme you can download from the market:

You must wipe data prior to flashing 3.0!
Recovery and snapshot will ask for superuser permissions on first use

<br />
v3.0 - 6/5/12<br />
Added 8 lockscreen mod (ported from liberty source)<br />
Updated base to 905<br />
removed blur menu buttons and added the stock buttons<br />
Updates to the theme<br />
Toggles now scroll left/right to view more<br />
Added latest swype beta and themed to match<br />
Cleaned up Eclipse Settings<br />
Added new gps configs to help get a better lock<br />
Added back DLNA per requests<br />
Updated Google Apps/Market Apps<br />
Cleaned up status bar look<br />

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Eclipse Extras
Eclipse themed blur alarm clock: EclipseBlurAlarm *install as a normal app

More to come!!

Factory Apps
Verizon Visual Voice Mail Visual Voice Mail *Flash in recovery

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Right on, something new. Downloading now. Thanks mang! FLASHING now....

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wow, its very smooth, oh yeah, I like the pulldown, the launcher is nice, the whole thing seems really smooth to me, not all jittery jumping around and shit, nice, I'm gonna play with it for a while but it boots and its clean.

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May I ask what keyboard you are using in the screenshot? This rom looks great though!

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Very nice rom, a definate keeper.

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very nice and clean! will install tomorrow when i wake up from my candy induced coma.
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