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Rev your Charge up and get ready cause this things fast!!!


* If coming from another ROM You MUST wipe before installing this

The default theme should bring you fully back to stock from any theme within the toolbox

* The first boot after install GummyCharged will take a while at both the Samsung logo and the bootsplash. Give it a couple of minutes

At the very least i recommend a dalvik and cache wipe coming from 1.9.1 to 2.0 as there are many framework changes in this release.

Themes are being added everyday!!! make sure you run updatetb to update your toolbox with the latest version to get the new themes

Primary Dev and project lead - Kejar31
Smali Guru - Dev - Syaoran12
Kernel Dev - IMoseyON
Official Artist - Daank
Official Themer - Gunnermike53
Forums support - Hazard209

FABOLOUS for allowing me to use his Server to host Gummy Charged and letting me use his toolbox script to make mine!!! :)
Thanks to Teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which I compiled some of my apps from.
DroidXcon for his help and patience with me while walking me thought the while Odin thing
Everyone at TeamSbrissenMod for allowing Team Gummy to use TSMparts!

IMNUTS - His initial ed2 Debloated ROM was where I started on GummyCharged 1.0 (although GummyCharged 1.5 has a completely new base)

Sbrissen - For allowing us to use his fascinate smali modifications to bring TSM parts to the Charge! I can not even thank him enough for all his code and modifications.

- Most all apps were built from source.... rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! To do this I took the CM and Android source trees from Froyo and reworked the framework to allow apps to properly find resources after they were compiled.
- New Base built on top of EE4
- The only apps left from TW are Dialer, Contacts and Camera
- AppWidgetPicker - built byboombuler
- Latest Market included
- Black Gtalk - themed by Kejar31
- Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2
- 1% battery increments built in (Icons made by me)
- Themed Dialer, Contacts, Keyboard Task Manager by me to integrate into the stock GB look and feel
- All apps optimized and zip aligned
-TSM (TeamSbrissenMod) ported by syaoran12 - allowing the freedom of 8 different lock screen, multiple notification mods, and other tweaks.
-Updated GummyToolBox allowing you to choose what you want to flash and have it boot into cwm, flash it for you, then reboot again (Kejar31's little baby)
-IMoseyON custom kernel 13.6 with working alternative governors for the first time ever on a vzw touchwiz based rom, and OC up to 1.4ghz
-Voodoo Sound and Lagfix included

More to come...

Known Issues:

The CWM issue with only working with the toolbox has been fixed! You can now run the toolbox from any version of CWM.

I nor anyone in TeamGummy take any responsibility for what this ROM or its tools may do to your phone.
TeamGummy is the only charge development team with permission to use TSM parts at this time.


GummyChargedFE 2.0



Any CWM now works with the toolbox!
Also please remember to udatetb in the terminal to get the newest version of the toolbox.
We are adding new themes everyday and the only way to see them is to update your toolbox!

Change Log:

-Finished the Theme (if you see a bug let me know)
*Remeoved the location icon
*Fixxed black on black text in many places thoughout
*Fixed white on white text when adding a contact
*removed the batter charged (credit imnuts)
*tweaked TW apps for an overall better more integrated look
*MusicMoc (CM6's Music Player)
*Media Hub
*CM6's Filemanager
*CM6's Email app (was causing issues with Exchange)
*Google's Music player (the one used with Music Beta)
*CM7's Files-manager (compiled myself)
*Email app built from AOSP (fixes Exchange and other issues)
*Terminal Emulator
*Gummy Toolbox*******
*Email issues
*FC on contact deletes
*USB automounting (credit imnuts)

*To access open Terminal Emulator and type $su the #gummytoolbox
*The toolbox will allow you to add back apps such as MediaHub, DLNA, MusicMod and VVM
*Much more to com from the toolbox down the road :)
*Remove and add Adblocking

-Tweaked Theme
*Dialer tab tweak - creadit thefunkbot
*Fixed landscape dialer theme
*Cleaned up the Phone incall theme
*TW VideoPlayer
*misc uneeded apk's in the apps folder
*Gallery3D - fixed sensor leak and video playback
*Contacts - fixed FC on delete properly this time
*Calendar - fix FC on access Calendars
*Terminal Emulator - updated to the one built in CM6
*Gummy Toolbox*******
*Imoseyon Tweaks - sysctl, SD card read ahead, swap file

-Toolbox updates
*Added TW Calculator to the install options
*Added TW VideoPlayer to the install options

*fixed camera
*fixed swype

*Updated Swype themes
*Added Reboot Option (recovery + Download) - credit syaoran12

*Added AOSP Browser
*Added New Market
*Complete revamped theme and all GummyThemes
*Added Gummypapers
*Backup assistant completely removed from contacts

*Fixed misc theme issues across the overall theme
*Removed AM/PM from the status-bar clock

*Custom kernel by IMoseyON
*TSMparts for modifications (more information below on usage)
*updated toolbox for simplicity (sorry no GUI 2.0 released at this time)
*updated base Theme (we did switch to a blue to give 2.0 a new look as it feels like a new rom)
*updated dialer completely remade to have the contacts built into the app

make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Install Themes:
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Accessing the Toolbox:
-Open Term
-Type "su" (give root permissions if asked)
-Type "gummytoolbox"

Update Toolbox:
-Open Term
-Type "su" (give root permissions if asked)
-Type "updatetb"

TSM Information:
Yes this modification needs no introduction to post fascinate user, but for those who are new to it there are a few things needed to know.

-When you first boot up your clock will be a default of black and appear to be missing. Do not worry this is the way it is. Just goto Settings > TSM Parts > Notification Settings and set your clock color by either 1 selecting a different color in the wheel then clicking it in the center, or just clicking white. Any changes to the clock color requires a reboot to make the changes.

-Hide clock or AM/PM to change you need to rotate your phone to landscape and it will change.

-Custom carrier text and hide alarm both require a reboot to go into effect.

-Choosing your answer type is located within the Misc Settings of TSMParts.

Follow us on Twitter for Extra news and updates on GummyCharged @kejar31 @adamthecashew @imoseyon @gunnermike53 @designbydaank

Donate to Kejar31

Donate to Syaoran12

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MagX said:
If I am running 1.9RC2 with Ep1q radio will I be able to flash this or should I odin the RC1 with EE4 radios?
You should be able to flash this right over the top.. Just make sure you wipe first... Oh and I ran into some issues with IMNUTS latest CWM so you might want to avoid that for the time being
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