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Rev your Charge up and get ready cause this things fast!!!


*While it is not needed, it is recommended that you install EP1W radios

* Please Wipe Data regardless of what ROM you come from

Do not use themes from previous GBE releases you will get a bootloop

The default theme should bring you fully back to stock from any theme within the toolbox

Themes are being added everyday!!! make sure you run updatetb to update your toolbox with the latest version to get the new themes

AppWidgetPicker causes issues with The Power Control widget (not the one in the dropdown) if you use this widget put it in place and on next reboot and it will no longer be blank...

Primary Dev and project lead - Kejar31
Smali Guru - Primary Dev - Syaoran12
Kernel Dev - IMoseyON
Java Dev - Turlz
Official Artist - Daank
Official Themer - Gunnermike53
Forums support - Hazard209

FABOLOUS for allowing me to use his Server to host Gummy Charged and letting me use his toolbox script to make mine!!!

Thanks to B16 for letting me post on his servers
Thanks to TeamSbrissenMod for allowing us to use TSMparts! As well as Sbrissen for providing his smali magic!
Thanks to Teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which I compiled some of my apps from
Thanks to Superteam and Dustin Jorge as Gummy-Laucher2 was forked from and based on their work

I also want to put out a special thanks to IMNUTS (which CWM we are using in this release) for all his help

- Most all apps were built from source.... rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! To do this I took the CM7 source trees and reworked the framework to allow apps to properly find resources after they were compiled.
- New Base built on top of EP1W
- The only apps left from TW are Dialer, Contacts and Camera
- AppWidgetPicker - built byboombuler
- Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2
- 1% battery increments built in (Icons made by TeamGummy)
- Themed Dialer, Contacts, Task Manager by me to integrate into the stock GB look and feel
- Reboot options (recovery and Download)
- Overscroll Glow
- Screen off animation
- DSPManager included!
- Imoseyon Kernel with voodoo lagfix and init.d support
- Custom Launcher2 with extra hotseats and speed tweaks (lightest fastest laucher you will ever use)
- TSMparts with 8 lock screens, notification mods, and other tweaks
- Honeycomb lock screen ported over from TSM Pool Party

ToolBox:Included in GBE 2.0 Initial Release
-install removed TW apps:
TW Email
Visual Voice Mail
TW Calculator
TW Video Player​
-Add and remove Ads
-Install Themes:
Gummy Pink
GummyComb - many images were used from HoneyBread so I want to make sure I give that author credit (haxzamatic - you da man!)
Black Alian

More to come...

Known Issues:
1. Battery history is not working ( FC if you try to access it from SpareParts)

I nor anyone in TeamGummy take any responsibility for what this ROM or its tools may do to your phone.



GummyCharged GBE 2.0

GBE2.1 Update is in the updates section.

If you are having issues with the Samsung boot loop please flash this in odin, wipe data, then install GBE 2.0 again.
CWM Voodoo

Hot boot fix GBE 2.1 (UPDATE FROM 2.0 zip)
GummyCharged GBE 2.1

Please wipe dalvik and cache with this update.


-Streaming audio fix is implemented
-Updated theme defualt theme
-New Market
-Fixed Voice Search
-Removed wording on dropdown power widgets - credit confuscius


-HDMI out is fixed
-Browser is fixed - We are now using the AOSP one
-Quadrant score is back up to 1200~1600
-Misc audio quirks are fixed


-Updated parts of the base to EP1H but the framework and TW apps are still EP1f based
-Imoseyon tweaks are now implemented thanks to IMNUTS new kernel that allows init.d scripting
-New radios are now included from EP1H
-minor theme fixes


-Updated the base to EP1Q


-Completely reworked the dialer it is now based on the dialer from the fascinate so we no longer have to go into a separate app to access contacts
-Re-added Black Gtalk
-Updated Youtube to the latest version
-Misc fixes and cleanup

2.0 RC1

-Based on EP1W
-Completely rebuilt from the top to bottom with more bug fixes than I can put in one post
-Gummy-Laucher2 added
-Imoseyon 2.0.4 kernel
-This will be included as a CWM install only at this time..

2.0 RC1.1

-Updated Busybox and imosyons kernel to fix conversion issues

2.0 RC1.2

-Fixed Market issues (this requires a data wipe, sorry)

2.0 RC1.3

-Added the Froyo fingerprint to the build.prop to fix secure market downloads for the time being (after GB is officially released and the market is opened up to it I will set this back)
-Fixed network location issues

2.0 RC1.5

-Added new tweaks added that should improve speed and battery life.. yes I know it was already unbelievably good but now its better

-Added CM7 ringtone, alarms and notifications

GBE 2.0 Initial Release!
- TSMparts 2.0
- Improved ToolBox (GUI version 2.0 is still in the works!)
- Glass lock screen removed, swapped with SGSII and Honey Comb was added
- IMoseyon voodoo kernel v2.3.2

GBE 2.1 (Upgrade Zip only!)
-Increased VM Heap size to 80m (Credit to TeamSbrissenMod for this fix) this should fix the Hot Boot issues.
-Changed the heap size on the framework.jar and android.policy.jar back to normal to fix the slowing down after a few days cache.

Install - CWM only:
make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Install Themes:
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Accessing the Toolbox:
-Open Term
-Type "su" (give root permissions if asked)
-Type "gummytoolbox"

Update Toolbox:
-Open Term
-Type "su" (give root permissions if asked)
-Type "updatetb"

Initial Boot with TSM:
-Upon initial boot your lock screens will not draw. You will need to go into Settings > TSM Parts > Lockscreen Settings, then have to check on then off the Disable Lockscreens button.
-You may need to disable and enable Music Widgets as well for them to come up the first time.
-The following Notification settings only require changing your phone from vertical to landscape to show up: Hide Clock, Hide AM/PM, Clock Color, Hide Battery (sometimes this one will take a minute to show or hide).
-The following Notification settings require a REBOOT to show up: Show dbm, Hide Signal, Carrier Text.
-To change the Answer type to either Puzzle or Tab you can find this in TSM Parts > Misc Settings.

-We are aware of the Hot Booting issue (phone does a quick reboot not going through the samsung logo or boot animation). This is a problem on all samsung phones using TSM, including the AOSP TSM. We are currently looking into a solution.

Follow me on Twitter for Extra news and updates on GummyCharged @kejar31 @adamthecashew @gunnermike53 @imoseyon @designbydaank


Donate to Kejar31

Donate to Syaoran12



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toroman said:
a couple of questions.
as far as voodoo, when flashing does it need to be enabled or disabled? and is there even voodoo on this rom?
if desired can you go back to froyo by just re flashing any froyo rom?
No voodoo does not need to be disabled. Voodoo is part of the kernel not the rom, and yes the kernel included does have voodo. And again, yes. You can go between any roms you want, just make sure to wipe data, cache, and dalvik chache each time. And remember, back up!

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Flashed and it's working flawlessly.

To any having problems i came from Gummy FE 2.0 with EP1W modems already installed and the latest CW. I Factory Reset, wiped dalvik and installed. Rebooted and worked perfect.
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