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[ROM] ExactDroid 1.1.2 - Thunderbolt - Sense Based Rom

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While there are a bunch of Rom's out there for the thunderbolt, I myself like the stock sense but also need a few other little tweaks to go with it. Most of the other Rom's are either overdone or stock, so this is what I run on my Thunderbolt and a few people wanted to use it as well, so I'm posting it up.

If I get time later I will put up a list of credits, if you see it in here it's because someone created it and posted for all to use, so a big thank you for making it available.

This is a sense based rom of of the latest RUU 1.13.605.7, it has a few tweaks that I will mention quickly.

1. Advanced power options
2. Tweeked pulldown with settings options
3. Adjusted wifi scan
4. Tweeked a few memory settings
5. Transparent pulldown.
6. 6 Bar signal mod
7. 1% Battery mod
8. Removed the soome bloat, but only the apps, all core vz products are still there.
9. Added spare parts, latest SuperUser, Latest Market, Busybox, Settings App to tweek pulldown apps
10. And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things... but ya I'm not big on details.
11. Includes the stock kernel
12. You will need to be on the new radio as well, if your not grad it from XDA.
13. Of course it's rooted blablabla etc.

This is what I run and I love it, everything works as it should and it's not overdone!

There will be no fixes or patches as everything works, if there is a new mod that I like I will add it, but until there is an update or something cool, it will stay as as is. So if you like to update every few days, this is not a rom for you! lol

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Direct link - No crappy sharing sites

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I really like the way your Rom looks.. the only thing that I don't like is the Sense Rosie bar... that is the main reason I stay away from ROM like this... is there anyway that you could perhaps change the Rosie at all? other than that I think you have done a great job dude... keep it up :)
thx, I just share what I work up for my phones is all, it's not something I do to try to get donations like most do... lol

So there won't be any changes to this until a stable release is sent out from HTC.

With that said, I'm also running the new BAMF Sense 3.0 and it's pretty darn nice. I'm not sure I will go back to the old sense after using this new one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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