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Fission Inspire 4G AOSP+

Google and HTC for making a good base.
Cyanogen for code for enhancements.
LorDModUE for current kernel.

What is AOSP+?
ROM was compiled using AOSP code with a few CM modifications built in to code. Reboot, Profiles and couple of other CM enhancements are used. Other than the CM enhancements ROM is pure AOSP 2.3.4 GB source.

What needs to get done before release:
Compile my own enhanced kernel
Incorporate a couple of more CM enhancements. Lockscreen settings into AOSP settings app.

If you would like to help beta test ROM then please leave private message on this forum.


More info and vid will come as ROM gets closer to release.

This ROM will be ported as is to Atrix and then a modified version to DX and D2. D2G too if 2nd int is working on it.
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