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Go figure that right after posting 2.11.605.3 rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, etc, etc, we have yet another leak! But hey, I'm not complaining at all. So without further adieu ...

I liked many of the tweaks that jdkoreclipse had made on his 2.10.605.1 rooted RUU and used that as a template (including the debloating) for what I have here.

So to jdkoreclipse's credit, I have included the following tweaks:
jdkoreclipse said:
Removed ALL apps generally considered bloat (DEBLOAT VERSION ONLY)
All market apps moved to data/app
HTC skins moved to data/app
Wifi scan interval increased to 2 minutes
Vm heap upped to 48m
Also updated hosts via the Mr.X kitchen plugin.
Added Superuser 3.0 beta 4.
Changed GPS timeserver to the US-only for faster GPS satellite locking.

Flash this through Recovery after a full wipe like any other ROM.

Bloated download:
MD5: E07B55F6684CECCCE10156AF7D4249A1

Debloated download:
MD5: 745A73750F0C02EAFAF14833BE18C993

Android Apprentice
62 Posts
NetworkPIMP said:
I would like to see your debloat version... Adrynalyne didn't do some of the things that you're offering (courtesy of jdkoreclipse) and I think they add value.
Uploading right now. I don't know if you'll see much of a difference between mine and Adr's, but hey it was already done anyhow.

Edit: Okay, it's up and available.
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