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graphic by synergeticink​

◙ Based on UVKL1 2.3.6 **NEW**
◙ Wifi Calling **NEW**
◙ Super Fast Animations
◙ Smooth Scrolling
◙ Modified Version of Anim Mod
-Customize what transition animations you want
-Modded so that "Stock Android" Option will not flash Stock Android, but Foxstar's default animations [which are sped up] !
- Modded to match color scheme
◙ Rooted
◙ Bravia Engine
◙ Zipaligned on boot
◙ Extended Power Menu
◙ 16 Customizable Notification Toggles
◙ 1% Battery Mod
◙ Debloated [bloater app included to rebloat if you choose]
◙ Very minimally themed
◙ build.prop tweaks
◙ Synergy Kernel [BLN,OTG,OC/UV,Autogrouping]
◙ support
◙ CRT-OFF Animation
◙ Int'l GS2 Shutdown Animation
◙ init.d tweaks
◙ Bloater.apk included to rebloat [if you so choose]
◙ System Tuner To Adjust Voltages / Overclock
◙ Wifi + Wired Tether apps!

Foxstar 1.4.0 RC 1

updated 3/11

Previous Versions:
Foxstar 1.3.2

Foxstar 1.3.1

Foxstar Beta v1.0.2 02/12/2012

1.0.2 Icon Hotfix

Foxstar Beta v 1.0.0

This Rom is Available Through ROM Manager. With Rom Manager Premium You Will Recieve OTA Updates!

I am a very very very community oriented developer. My work is always oriented towards community suggestions, ideas and testing. Please leave your ideas and comments here!


Installation Instructions:
Download To SD Card
Boot into CWM Recovery
Install zip from SD Card!
Choose this Zip.
Wait a minute or so.


Use Rom Manager.

TODO List:
Swipe to dismiss notifications
Your suggestions


03/11/2012 - Rebuilt from KL1 .tar from the ground up. Wifi Calling now works. Android Version 2.3.6. Animations sped up more. Delicious update was delicious.

03/07/2012 - Added Beats+Xloud Audio. Fixed Bravia. Updated Market to Google Play Store.

03/02/2012 - Removed DSP. WifiTether and Wired located @ /sdcards/FOXSTAR ADDONS.

03/01/2012 - Modded AnimMOD, Removed AT&T Contacts, System Tuner Added, System Apps Updated to latest version, WifiTether and WiredTether Added, Minor Framework Edits

02/12/2012 - Extended Power Menu, Boot Animation Change, UI Tweaks, Easter Egg Added, Default Wallpaper Change, Default Lockscreen Wallpaper Change, Rom Manager OTA Compatability.

For Updates on Progress :

Thanks to:
, MrX, Samsung, lidrom, syngergeticink Cyanogenmod and you...the community.

I don't require or expect donations, but if you do choose to donate, know that it is very appreciated and will go to caffeine, hardware, and more caffeine. thank you!

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Screen Shots:

zedomax's demo.

User Reports:
e36bmer;22812717 said:
The battery has been really good for me. The radios are off, as I'm working offshore, but normally the phone only lasts me 2 days with my use, and I have the same routine, always. I flashed this ROM, and I'm on day 4.

Sent from my SGH-T989 using XDA App

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You've had airplane mode on that entire time? Seems like you didn't even use the phone o_o but nonetheless I'll try it out!


All Around Badass
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Xboarder is the only one, outside of CM, that is making progress on ICS.
So maybe your personal opinion about a developer should be curbed when in another thread, let alone another forum. Or maybe you're just like the other developer tools that get kicked around the forums.

I apologize Starskyrob, you're ROM looks NICE. I wonder what the battery life is when you're on shore? I also like that you ditched the green, the white and blue look great!

Take xboarders out of your credits. He is totally Worthless.

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That is a user post with the airplane mode battery life LOL. Just quoting it for info.

OP updated. brand new build.
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