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BAMF Remix v1.8.6

Hey guys, after many PMs and the speed at which the main thread moves with so many questions about each ROM being posted, I thought for the sake of everyone's sanity that I would open this thread. It also gives users that enjoy the "remixed" style of things a chance to sound off on theme and mod ideas and suggestions, as well as requests. I will provide you with updated changelogs for the remix here as well as download links for the remix rom and mods, as well as additional links for the base ROM. Das BAMF will still update in tandem. Hope you guys enjoy it. If you guys like what we do here, please feel free to show us your support. It takes a lot of hours of tweaking, fist banging, and beer and coffee slamming to bring you guys this stuff! All support is greatly appreciated. Donate links are listed below.

  • Debloated, which includes VZW framework, apps, games, libs, and permissions.
  • Tweaked filesystem and minfree.
  • Zipaligned, and deodexed.
  • Added Google Car Home, removed HTC app.
  • Removed DRM apks, and framework for now. If Netflix requires it later, I'll add it back.
  • HTC Hub and are partially working.
  • Removed Stocks widget, and app. Google has better apps for this anyway.
  • Superuser is fixed with rmk40's version, woot woot!
  • Adrynalyne's busybox, version 1.19
  • Added these extra scripts:
  • sysrw --sets system to rw.
  • sysro --sets system to ro.
  • uber_quadrant --boosts your quads (for fun, must have quadrant installed)
  • rw_boot --sets system to be rw every boot.
  • ro_boot --sets system to be ro every boot.
  • sndoff script: Use with su, turns off boot sound.
  • sndon script: Use with su, turns on boot sound.
  • Profile added to system/bin to help prevent certain malware.
  • Kernel has init.d support, as well as adb root, and usb debugging enabled on every boot (even from a wipe).
  • Custom accurate battery with new smooth charge animation
  • Dark themed UI including market (dialer and other elements still to come)
  • Square edged menus
  • Super fast transition animations
  • Transparent and 5 column app drawer
  • Themed rosie with transparent background and new minimalist buttons
  • Rosie now remaps "personalize" button to Rosie Settings in app drawer, launchkey remap removed.
  • Clear lockscreen
  • Dark themed UI including market (dialer and other elements still to come)
  • Dusk theme from
  • No location indicator, thanks Bgill55!
  • No recent apps on notification bar.
  • Transparent pulldown and location reticle deleted
  • Added Spare Parts to speed up animations even more (change animation speed options to fast for best perfomance)
  • Settings toggles, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf.
  • Settings toggles control app, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf.
  • 6 bar signal mod, fully working on 100% Thunderbolt framework.
  • GPS enhancement, credit to ziggy471.
  • Custom Das BAMF skin, credit to gadget!
  • Custom Boot animation, credit to dsb9938.
  • Some minor build.prop tweaks.
  • Browser with 32 tabs, credit jcase and ThatDudeButch.
  • 4 in 1 Reboot options, including hot restart, credit to aiccucs.
  • Dalvik heapsize increased to 48M.
  • Custom 1.4ghz kernel included:
  • Supports TUN
  • Supports NFS
  • Uses CFS CPU scheduler
  • Uses BFQ I/O scheduler
  • Governors: Ondemand(Default), Powersave, Conservative, Interactive, Performance, Smartass.
  • 10 speed steps: 245/368/576/768/806/960/1036/1228/1344/1420mhz.
  • Undervolted all the way to 1036, stock voltage at 1228, slightly overvolted for 1344 and 1420mhz.
  • Kernel will boot at 1036mhz! You must use setcpu to overclock, the kernel will not do it for you automatically.
  • Battery charging enhancements.
  • SLQB Slab Allocator.
  • Updated ashmem driver.
  • GPU+ patch.
  • Death Ray support (Ultra bright torch. Requires app support, included with toggles).****
  • Audio enhancements in kernel.
Download ROM.
Reboot into Recovery.
Perform Nandroid backup
Minimally wipe dalvik and cache. For optimal experience, perform full wipe (data/dalvik/cache). Most issues stem from not fully wiping.
Flash ROM.
Enjoy! :D
Changlog for 1.8.6
  • MR2 Radio support
  • Custom kernels work!
BAMF Remix 1.8.6: DOWNLOAD
MD5 SUM: 47DBBDA462F8DFE44047C83CC839756A
Changelog for 1.7
  • Nuked pulldown header totally and remapped and resized clear button to under notificatons
  • Sped up Rosie animations
  • Added some source built AOSP gingerbread libs for MOAR speedz!!!!1111 (lol)
  • Changed battery images to green at high end (ZHP Pilot)
  • Optimized all images in framework
  • Nuked some more useless drawables
  • Added new lockscreen to Post #2 on XDA
MD5 SUM: 4acd7c53bd9d203e82e6f4f0193665a5
Patch For 1.7 Rosie (Please install this via clockwork after flashing the ROM above): DOWNLOAD
Changelog for 1.6.3
  • New 4.4.7 kernel with new tweaks and the v/r io scheduler as default.
  • Further tweaked autobrightness.
  • Updated toolkit to support v/r scheduler and fix sio scheduler selection bug.
  • Added built from source AOSP File Manger
BAMF Remix v1.6.3:
MD5 SUM: f3ad20df2b897df65b3513086354d551
Changelog for 1.6
  • Introducing Das BAMF's newest team member - Trident!
  • Volume keys now wake phone (rhcp, jcase, Adrynalyne)
  • Automatic brightness tweaking (Adrynalyne)
  • Das BAMF Toolkit application (Trident)
  • Rewrote updater-script (Trident)
  • Rewrote all shell scripts (Trident)
  • Changed toggle configuration to include sync toggle
  • New animations (ThatDudeButch)
  • Quick Office removed in favor of Google Docs
  • Two way call recording (avs333, adrynalyne - Please respect the laws of your state)
  • Additional features for BAMF Remix 1.6
  • AppWidgetPicker.apk added for better widget grouping on third-party launchers
  • Dusk Remix Skin Added (ZHP Pilot!)
  • Fixed Icons in Black Market (ZHP Pilot)
  • Updated framework to include more themed images and fixed pressed buttons on Rosie (ZHP Pilot/ThatDudeButch)
  • Shrunk carrier header in pulldown (Gadget!/ThatDudeButch)
  • Optimized some images and misc. housecleaning
BAMF Remix v1.6:
MD5: CF461768DBC8A729CB7D28B97D5B8717

Restore landscape to Rosie and other cool mods: - many thanks to ZHP Pilot
Changelog For 1.5
  • Change of base to 1.13.605.7
  • Due to change of base, GPS has been improved dramatically.
  • Due to change of base, 3G/4G transitioning has been improved dramatically.
  • Due to change of base, battery has been improved dramatically.
  • Due to change of base, quiet videos are no more (allegedly).
  • 4.4.2 kernel.
  • New modded Rosie with metro icons and browser icon! (Props to zhp pilot! Look for his thread soon with alternate icons for your specific app)
  • New themed HTC flipclock.
  • Added new themed power toggles and transparency.
  • Themed more framework images.
  • Transitions are back.
  • Latest themed market added. (Also disabled market updating! No more unthemed market)
  • Teeter has been added from Incredible system dump. Love it!
  • New tweaked BAMF boot animation, credit to Gadget! and ds
  • New custom shutdown animation.
  • New Livewallpaper added.
  • Modded email app, credit to Rsotbiemrptson (
1.5 Remix By ThatDudeButch
MD5: 0765A2EDFEEA0D964DBC504CE597BE37

1.5 Base By Adrynalyne
MD5: b6f85b3ec1a2c3e0ecb204f2b9f390ff
For more info on the base ROM, visit this thread:
1.4 Remix By ThatDudeButch
MD5: c110061551a50e245d0f4deed3e5ac8c

Unthemed by Adrynalyne 1.4
Additional details can be found here:
MD5: 5cc69519620bf2ecce52fd1acdcea119

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many thanks, updated the radio to ota mr2 and came from the 1.8 remix, no random reboot in four days, battery drain is a bit higher .

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Installed newest radio posted today. flashed from 1.6 to 1.7 to 1.8.6 NO PROBLEMS and no wipe each time ; ) I've been on MR1 for a while but i'm tired of flip flopping the radio bc its annoying if phone doesnt boot.

Anyway is their a way we can get a OMFG similiar toolkit? I mean this rom is like perfect. no problems so why not put a badass toolkit in it? CM7 is goin asop but its really not needed when bamf works perfect ya know?

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DigitalSileR said:
personal favorite as well... I can't do GB just yet, I think I will wait for official GB and Kernel Source to be released!

I was definitely scared to take the plunge to gb. I checked out the tube and seen das and gingeritis vidz, landed on yummy gb. No regrets!

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Weird thing happened when I flashed this... I am running the OTA MR2 radio, stock rooted Froyo install, and Clockwork Recovery. Installed 1.8.6 and it gave me the infinite bootloop on reboot... I had wiped user data 2x, cache, and Dalvik. I had verified the MD5sum too. Tried flashing again with same result. Got back into CWR and reinstalled the stock Froyo rom with no problem. Strange thing is, GB roms like Das Bamf with SENSE 3.0 worked with my current config, as did Liquid. Any suggestions?

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breugel said:
How do I set the governor to powersave? What is the command?
I was curious if you tried using terminal emulator. If your kernel supports it type Su and enter then then enter it should give you the options it sounds like your looking for.

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