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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: Sense (HTC)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Smali Edits

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: In Rom Manager

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

KillaSense 3.7.19 by orkillakilla

*Cleaned the OP up a bit*

*Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk. I am not responisble for any damages, bricks, cracked screens, exploding batteries, voided warranties, or anything else you can think of to sue me over :) *

New 2.11.605.19 base
Stock Sense 2.1
Rooted, Deodex'd, Busybox, Bash
Imoyeson's leankernel
7n1 Power Menu and 4n1 Reboot Options (edits done by me)
build.prop tweaks for smoothness, speed, and battery life
sysrw/sysro scripts added (run in terminal emulator to mount system as read/write or read only)
A few customized ringtones and notifications tones (A few of my favorites)
Overscroll Glow
No GPS reticle in status bar (credit to Ryanmo5 and Adrynalyne)
Working Wifi Tether (open app, go to settings, set device profile to Thunderbolt, check Routing Fix)
Extra quicksettings
Sense 3.5 Camera App (thanks to BuffoGT)
HTC Keyboard without arrows

Changelog 4/23
Updated to latest base 2.11.605.19
Added working 7n1 Power Menu and 4n1 Reboot Menu for new base (edits done by me)
Fixed preinstalled terminal emulator FC problem
More build.prop tweaks
Edited default rosie homescreen layout (no more widgets other than clock and only a few apps on homescreens on first startup)
Removed CRT Animations due to differences in framework from the new base
Updated to Imoseyon's leankernel 6.1.0GB (5.2.0 won't work with new base)
Updated some apps
Added HTC Keyboard with no arrows
Changed bootanimation and downanimation

Changelog 2/14
Clock app back in drawer
Operator tab removed from drawer
Overscroll glow back
Quick Settings reorganized
SU app and binary updated
KillaSense logo on first boot
Maybe ohter stuff I can't remember lolz

Video camera force closes. Fix can be found below.

KillaSense 3.7.19
md5sum: 412430e6c56c9fab7829503bcdcbedcb

Fix For Camcorder Issue: (thanks to Slim Shady, dumas777, DXJeep and others for their work on fixing this bug while I have been out of the scene for a while.)

I forgot to add the TaskManager.apk. If you want the memory quicksetting to work, flash this:

Check here for the latest version of Imoyeson's leankernel:

KillaSense is also on ROM Manager!

Special thanks to:
th33ch0 for hosting!
BuffoGT for the Sense 3.5 Camera app!
ihtfp69 and Thunderstick for all their help with the extra Quick Settings!
Ryanmo5 for all his help!
Grnlantern79 for advice
dmeadows013 for giving me apk editing advice
everyone who helped with Revolutionary
Jcase, Team AndIRC, and AndroidPolice for everything they do for the Android communty
Team BAMF for some mods
Kush for his awesome recovery
Imoseyon for his AWESOME kernel work
dsixda for the most useful tool I use: Android Kitchen
Brut.all for APKtool

BIG shout out to everyone at the UOT Kitchen. You guys did an AMAZING job at creating this tool.

Install Instructions:
Place ROM on root of your SDcard
Reboot into your custom recovery of choice
Wipe Data/Cache (I also recommend wiping dalvic cache, and going to mounts/storage and formatting /system)
Choose install from SDcard, locate the ROM, and flash away.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to shoot me a pm or hit me up on gtalk: [email protected]

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Mod Section:

These mods should not be used with 3.7.19 (due to framework differences in the new base) until I can test them.

All mods are now hosted on
Big thanks to th33ch0 for this service!

All edits where made by me, with guidance from many people. All due credit is given.

These mods are to be flashed in Clockworkmod Recovery.

Notification Bar Mods:
*NOTE* All mods in this section will not stack with each other. Example, If you flash the No Recent Apps mod, and then flash the 6 Signal Bar mod, you will only have the 6 Signal Bar mod. If you would like a combination of the notification bar mods, let me know either in this thread or in a PM and I'll cook it up for you.

*NOTE* All notification bar mods include extra quick settings, including 7n1 volume, flashlight, brightness, auto rotation, reboot, and memory.

All mods can be downloaded here:

http://thisismyandro.../Sense 2.1 Mods

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GoldenCyn said:
Would have loved the htc kernel instead.

sent from my Motorola Skytel
Not a problem. I'll work on that right now.

*updated OP with link to ROM with stock kernel

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Working on a minor update. Adding some of my fav wallpapers, HOPEFULLY removing GPS icon from statusbar, and a few other things.

Looking into the UOT Kitchen. Looks like an awesome tool.

Working with Ryanmo5 from xda to get the GPS icon removed. This will benefit both our roms. Should have an update tomorrow. Will also have clock app back in launcher. Also adding some wallpapers to HTC wallpapers.

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Discussion Starter · #9 ·
Update should be ready tonight. Doing a bit of themeing, adding overscroll glow, removing GPS icon in status bar, adding HTC wallpapers, adding clock app back to launcher, changed boot animation, maybe a few more things.

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KillaSense 2.1 download link back, fixed the camera. Enjoy!

Stock Kernel version being tested now, should be uploaded within the hour.

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Just so everyone knows, I have removed HTCLoggers.apk from this ROM. I am also working on tweaking the theme a little bit more. Will post the theme to flash, and will add it to the next release.

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Updated to KillaSense 2.5

Changelog and download in OP

Ugh... Still a few little bugs in my theme. Can't see some popup window text. I'll give UOT another try or ill have to go over the xml files tonight...

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"bond32 said:
I prefer the stock, but that's just me. Nice job on the ROM!

Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk
Thanks! I might make a mod version of the rom. Since I'm still learning as I go I wanna do as much as I can.

Sent from my HTC ThunderBolt powered by KillaSense 2.5
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