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If you are not familiar with the usual disclaimer let me lay it down now. *You are responsible for the results of using and downloading this. *You will not hold anyone responsible but yourself for anything that this may do.

Mendozinas for the uot kitchen.
Team bamf for all that they do (yes everything they do)
Team synergy for code examples
ihtfp69 for the quick settings (GINORMOUS THANKS)
SEO for the Sense 3 mods port
erisshasnobattery - Voice mail notifications
Chingy for all his work
HTC for keeping a low enough security to allow this
Google for Android
All the spectacular devs out there for explaining and documenting there mods.

With out further a due..
ThunderStick GenII

Last Update ..................................11-22-2011
Android OS version ....................... 2.3.4
Build Version ................................ 2.11.605.5
Rooted (Superuser.apk + su) .......... YES
Rooted (unsecured boot.img) .......... YES
BusyBox installed .......................... YES
BusyBox run-parts support .............. YES
Apps2SD (Apps to EXT) enabled ....... NO
/data/app enabled ......................... YES
Custom boot animation allowed.........YES
Nano text editor installed ................ YES
Bash shell support ......................... YES
deodexed ..................................... YES
ROM will wipe all data ..................... YES
Sense 2.1..................................... YES
Sense 3.0 .......................With 3D Update

labtec3;18413564 said:
Had issues with Wifi Tether" until I enabled "Routing fix" in menu settings, now all ok. Also tried "Open Garden" but could not get it to work.
Not working / featured:
-Max clock speed with included kernel is 1ghz.
-Changing Lock Screens with Sense 3 Mod (Ring lock screen only)

Feature List:
-6Bar Phone Signal
-Imoseyen 5.1.0 Lean Kernel
-Changable shortcuts for the lock screen from the personalization menu.
-Working Front Facing Camera
-Gtalk Video Working (not yet confirmed)
-Clock shortcut in app drawer
-Updated Super User Binary and App
-Fixed wake on volume
-ThunderStick Settings APP
-Sense 3.0 Style lock screen (thanks to SEO for starting the port from Kingdom)
-Additional Quick Settings w/8-n-1 volume controls
-Recent apps also in the pull down
-HtcLoggers.apk Removed - HTC Supplied malware Bye Bye
-Working Voice Mail Notifications (Thanks to erishasnobattery for the code and tutorial)
-Swipe Pad (hidden dock bar) (credit CALCIUM ION)
-Working VVM
-Working NFL Mobile and My VZW stuff
-Customized Drop Down Menu
-Custom Launcher (Rosie with some extra beauty)
-Custom Default Wallpaper Changed
-Custom Icons
-Removed Some Bloat (remove the rest with mod from RM or TSN)
-Added Apps (Uninstall if you dont want them, can be done from the applications settings)
* Carhome, ThunderStick Live Wallpaper, ES File Explorer
* Rosie Battery Widget, Rom Manager, NetFlix, Swipe Pad, Hulu,Equalizer
-Added System Apps (cant un-install these because other things depend on them to be there)
* Black List [Call Blocker] - System App
* ROM Stats - System App
-Changed Default Boookmarks for browser
-Changed boot and down animation
-Flying Window Animation
-Blacked out Title Bar
-Stock battery with Percentage
-Blue Overscroll
-Blue Glowing Popup Windows
-Loading Circle, Download Bar, Volume bar and bottom of pull down all changed
-Haptic Feedback Off By Default
-Networks Available Notification off by default
-No Nag to enable WIFI
-Auto Backup / Restore Enabled by default
-ThunderStick Addons in Settings Menu (Call Blocker Settings, Swipe Pad Settings, ROM Manager Shortcut, Radio Tools..thanks to Adr)

LATEST RADIOS From the 2.11.605.3 RUU: (Same for 2.11.605.5)
md5: c6a5a9eee78e0f33267fa80ced3c49b8
md5: 6f33809cf2253c38a3c6bb970f030eee
1 - Download
2 - rename to
3 - Copy to root of your SDCARD
4 - Reboot to bootloader
5 - Do this for each of the files above, one at a time.

(This link will automatically redirect you to the latest version of ThunderStick GenII)​
This single download can be used to update your current ThunderStick Installation or install a fresh install of ThunderStick GenII.
This will wipe your System Partition, Launcher Settings and your Davlik-Cache automatically
If you are coming from a different ROM you may have to wipe DATA as well.

Mods available from ThunderStick Notifier and ROM Manager
-Sense 3.0 Weather
-Sense 3.0 Lock Screens
-AOSP Lock Screen
-CRT Animations
-Additional Quick Settings, 6 Bar Signal, Remove recent apps and location reticle.
-Boot Sound replacements
-Wifi Tether Install
-battery icon replacements
-Bloat ware remover (if used from TSN you will have the option to pick and choose from the listed apps to uninstall)
-Enable Boot Sounds
-Boot Animations
-Live Wallpapers
-Custom messages on Lock Screen (using TSN)
-Custom Boot Sounds with any MP3 (using TSN)
-More To Come....

The Sense 3 Version available from TSN and Rom Manager.

First boot takes a super long time, after wiping the Dalvik cache, it has to rebuild it, and at reboot is where it happens.
This is a deodexed ROM now so the cache files build as your use of the device develops. T His means you will have faster reboots the longer you use the device but on the flip side you will have a lengthy booting process on first boot.
After rebooting let it sit for about five to ten minutes.
Walk away and grab a coffee cause your gonna wanna stay up and play with your newly MODDed ThunderStick all night...

(to install ThunderStick Notifier you can just hook up your phone with USB and answer yes to install TSN. If you answered no previously go to Window Explorer and open up the Virtual Drive with the ThunderStick Icon, Copy TSNUPDATER.exe to a folder of you choice and run it this will download and install the latest version of TSN)

or for your Mobile Device from the market


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Had the TB for a few months now and its my first time with one of your roms. It seems to be the only ROM running traditions. It's a nice change. I just noticed all the addons in ROM manager.lots of options. Thanks for a great ROM.

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thedio said:
This rom is amazing. Very very underrated.

Sent from the tip of my ThunderStick on a bolt of lightning...

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fixxxer2012 said:
geez xda is loosing all there devs, lmao!
Don't bash xda too much, remember they are the reason why most of us started "geeking" our phones.

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In all fairness anyway.

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Update coming later today or early tomorrow.
Update will bring a few extra goodies and the system version to 2.11.605.3 which is the latest leak and rumored to be the official gingerbread ota for the thunderbolt.

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Update to GenII version 2.4.0 (Only update if using a previous version of ThunderStick GenII)
-Updates system version to 2.11.605.3
-New boot sound
-Removes a lot of bloat left over from 2.3.6
-Update Retains app data (do not wipe anything if using the update)
-Confirmed working Verizon Apps with 4G (My VZW, VZW NFL Mobile)

Full version on the way, had to re-upload
(bad upload first time... STUPID INTERNET)

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Full ROM now available from first post, ROM Manager and TSN

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Reboot it will show up.

I like the update as the vm notification seems to work now,but my yahoo mail is force closing now and a few other bugs....I'm flashing back to 2.3.6 till it gets ironed out..Keep up the good work I have tried a few other dev roms which are nice but I think 2.3.6 is the best imo.
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