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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: T-Mobile

Optional:: Debloated

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: In Rom Manager

Android Version:: 2.3.3 (GB)

Well, Bionix 3 was great, and i can say that this one is soooooo much better. Lots of tweaks and slimmed down framework equals maximum speed and performance and no lags anywhere in this build. I introduce the new ROM to kick off the Bionix series for G2x, called Bionix Reloaded. Now lets get this out of the way:


<br />
[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.4.1 FINAL - 3/31/2012[/B]<br />
Fixed Video Chat Bug, for the most part: Video will be rotated 90 degrees<br />
Updated Titanium Backup<br />
Updated Market to Google Play<br />
Updated Youtube<br />
Updated Maps<br />
Updated Google Music<br />
Updated Flash Player<br />
Added WiFi Calling<br />
<br />
-[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.4 FINAL - 3/12/12[/B]<br />
-Updated Titanium Backup<br />
-Updated hosts file<br />
-Re-wrote & slimmed down ApocalypseInit<br />
-Removed conflicting Wifi mods, maybe a solution to random reboots w/ wifi<br />
-Removed SombionixInit, ApocalypseInit can handle it now.<br />
-Put Email.apk back in, for those who use it, i apoligize for removing it.<br />
-Added more ICS response & performance tweaks<br />
-Added more optimized ZipAlign script<br />
-Reduced framework-res animation rates, for more speed<br />
<br />
-[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.3 - 2/20/12[/B]<br />
-Added new "Bionix Reloaded" bootanimation by kwes1020<br />
-Added ROM Manager<br />
-Added AppWidgetPicker to replace default widget selector<br />
-Setup for OTA updates in ROM Manager<br />
-Updated Titanium Backup<br />
-Updated Maps<br />
-Updated Adobe Flash<br />
-Updated hosts file<br />
-Modified & slimmed down ApocalypseInit script<br />
-Removed Email.apk (who uses that anyway??)<br />
-Fixed minor theme bugs in framework-res & SystemUI<br />
-Re-themed updated GoogleQuickSearchBox<br />
-Removed conflicting mods from SombionixInit script<br />
-Removed RAM Script (SombionixInit & ApocalypseInit can handle it now)<br />
-Restored original Startup Wizard<br />
<br />
-[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.2.1 - 2/1/12[/B]<br />
-Fixed long bootup, removed dalvik-cache deletion line in ramdisk<br />
-Updated GoogleQuickSearchBox (will be re-themed in next update)<br />
<br />
-[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.2 - 1/31/12[/B]<br />
-Added CRT TV On animation<br />
-Added MMS.apk from Weapon-G2x, can now send/recieve MMS via WiFi<br />
-Integrated ICS response & performance tweaks (took forever!!)<br />
-Updated hosts file for more adblocking<br />
-Updated Youtube<br />
-Updated Market<br />
-Updated Maps<br />
-Updated Music<br />
-Updated Titanium Backup<br />
-Optimized RAM script for better utilization<br />
-Removed pieces of LG crap from framework, will remove more when time permits.<br />
-Reduced wake lag a bit<br />
-Modified Startup Wizard, no more "Touching Andy to start" (See install instructions for more info on first boot)<br />
<br />
-[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.1 - 1/9/12[/B]<br />
-Updated su binary<br />
-Updated hosts file to block more ads<br />
-Updated Google Music<br />
-Updated Google Maps<br />
-Updated Titanium Backup<br />
-Added Bravia Engine<br />
-Added Semi-transparent status bar to default theme<br />
-Added ICS transition animations<br />
-Added Google Talk from Weapon-G2x, can't confirm Video Chat Support though.<br />
-Killed Battery Full Popup<br />
-Exchanged RIL lib files (attempting to stop those data issues for some)<br />
-Modified SombionixInit script again for better performance<br />
-Modified ApocalypseInit script for better kernel tweaks<br />
-Removed OmaDmclient.apk (thanks to the great lotherius for pointing that out)<br />
-Removed System Update from About Phone section<br />
-Removed Google Videos (seems it doesn't work on rooted phones, and its -useless anyway)<br />
-Lots of internal bugfixes<br />
-More performance tweaks in framework-res and SystemUI<br />
<br />
[B]Bionix Reloaded v1.0 - 12/19/11[/B]<br />
-Started completely over, now based on OTA 2.3.3 (For reals this time)<br />
-Updated Superuser and su binary<br />
-TeamWhiskey Bootanimation<br />
-Rethemed to enhanced Gingerbread theme, with elements from Green Crush by Alexia<br />
-New accurate battery mod<br />
-More notification sounds<br />
-Performance tweaks in framework<br />
-Ported quick toggles<br />
-Added Recovery & Reboot to Power Menu<br />
-Browser tweaks<br />
-Swype Keyboard<br />
-Stock LG shutdown, NO PINK T-Mobile<br />
-Bloat free<br />
-Rethemed Genie Widget with dark transparency<br />
-Rethemed GoogleSearchBar with dark transparency<br />
-Rethemed Power Control Widget with dark transparency<br />
-OTA custom kernels now work, i highly recommend Dragon-G2x-OTA by ttabbal<br />
-Bluetooth should pair a little bit faster<br />
-Torch app integrated<br />
-File Manager app integrated<br />
-Updated Adobe Flash<br />
-Updated Maps<br />
-Updated hosts file for more adblocking<br />
-Updated Titanium Backup<br />
-Integrated Google Videos<br />
-Integrated LG launcher<br />
-Integrated Clock Weather Widget (FOR LG LAUNCHER ONLY)<br />
-Removed RomManager<br />
-More Build.prop tweaks<br />
-Customized RAM Script<br />
-CRT TV Off Animation<br />
-Modified apocalypseInit script with more kernel tweaks<br />
-Modified SombionixInit script for maximum performance and speed.<br />
-Zipaplign at every boot<br />
-Bionix Version hard coded into About Phone<br />
-Other stuff i'm probably forgetting

Install instructions(Important)
-Download & put on sd card
-Backup (Important)
-Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery
-Wipe /data(Factory Reset)
-Format /system in Mounts & Storage
-Find & flash Bionix Reloaded
-Reboot when prompted
-When welcome screen pops up, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, let sit for 10 mins (Important)
-When it comes back up again, let sit for 5 more mins(Important)
-Sign in, enjoy the butter
-Flash any options/themes if desired

Download Bionix Reloaded v1.4.1 FINAL - (My site)
MD5: 6b2856061020a7e69834c7895c95e928
Sourceforge - Also all old & deprecated versions can be found here too.

Download Bionix Reloaded v1.4.1 No-Wipe Quick updater - For going from v1.4 to v1.4.1 ONLY

Optional custom kernels
Download Dragon-G2x v1.1.1 (Repack 2) by ttabbal
For those who want to use Dragon, use this one that has been repacked for faster bootup time by ttabbal, and repacked again with init.d support by me.

Download Faux123's 0.1.3 (Repacked) by faux123
For those who want to use Faux's 0.1.3 for OTA, use this one that has been repacked for faster boot time by the great Lotherius.(Thank Faux123 and Lotherius for this, not me

WiFi Calling -Download
This should install WiFi Calling until it's back in Bloater

Center Clock MOD - Download
Does what it says, moves the clock in the notification bar from the right to the center of the notification bar. Preview it here

No CRT TV on/off animation - Download
NOTE: This swaps out framework-res, so you MUST re-enter Gmail credentials manually after flashing this.

CM7 MMS.apk - Download
Has more features like Black Background, but unable to send MMS via WiFi

Black Status Bar - Download
There are few that dislike the semi-transparent status bar, flash this for a solid black status bar.

Stock, unmodified hosts file/No adblocking - Download
This is for you guys that want/need ads in your ROM, "ad city" :eek:

SD Card Mount Swap
If you want your external sd card to mount like CM7/MIUI(Experimental)
Download & flash SD mount swap patch here
Warning, you won't be able to mount to PC, still working on this, big thanks to lotherius for pointing this out.
If you change your mind and you want the original mounting style back, download & flash the revert zip here

If you want any bloat, then i highly recommend Bloater by Romanbb
Bloater G2x Edition Thread
Make sure you hit his thanks button while you're over there :D

See FAQ in post #2(below)


The Friendly, Neihborhood Black Guy
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
These are the most frequent questions asked. They consisit of what are asked in this thread, and what i've been asked in a PM.

Q - I have random reboots, what can i do?
A - The keyword is "random", meaning it can't be predicted when and where they come from. One thing you can do is try switching kernels, another is
reducing OC freq or chance UV settings, unless someone wants to send me a logcat after replicating the random reboot. These things happen, and its
really hard to track and pin down, but i'll be trying my best to keep them to a minimum.

Q - Do i have to use Dragon-G2x? I want to use Faux's kernel.
A - No, you don't. You may use Faux, but my phone likes the Dragon. If you do want Dragon, i recommend the one above b/c it's been repacked by ttabbal for faster boot time. Although, the choice is yours, thats why it comes with stock kernel.

Q - Why do i have to wait after flashing?? I want to use it now!!!
A - Bionix is known for its speed & stability tweaks. After flashing, the initial boot is critical. The performance tweaks need to run and set everything correctly. If you start pushing buttons and stuff, it could mess up the process. And speed cannot be guaranteed if these scripts aren't ran completly.

Q - I don't like the theme, can i flash another one?
A - Yes, if it has been themed/ported to this ROM. The framework have lots of tweaks in it, and flashing themes not meant for this ROM switches the frameworks and you won't have the tweaks i put in. Also, stuff may break, like the Power Menu, or stuff in Settings.

Q - Does this ROM block ads?
A - Yes, inside /system/etc, is a file named "hosts". Inside this file, almost 98% of ad servers are blocked. It consist of 2 public hosts sources, and my sources from my own PC's hosts. I personally HATE ads everywhere. If you want ads in your ROM for any reason, let me know and i'll give you a flashable that'll reverse this effect.

Q - I can't send or recieve MMS over WiFi!! What can i do??
A - This is a known bug across all OTA based ROMs, Turn off WiFi...or flash the one that Whitehawkx has in his Weapon thread.

Q - My GPS sucks since i flashed this!! You broke my GPS!! Can you fix it!??
A - The gps.conf in this ROM has more servers to choose from than a stock ROM, so it can do nothing but help. You can try installing Romanbb's Bloater to change GPS configs that if for your current location. Also, note that it may take a few extra seconds to lock the first time, but after that it may be alot faster.

Q - Why is my data is gone after i flashed this?
A - Some report this after immediatley flashing Dragon-G2x after flashing the ROM, and find that if they reboot once after setting up their preferences and stuff, then flash Dragon-G2x, data does not go out. Some have also reported that flashing Faux's kernel after losing data fixes the issue. Since v1.1, i've been experimenting with RIL lib files trying to resolve this issue, but this issue is temporary and is being worked on constantly.

Q - Is there any way to put in EDT Tweaks?
A - Yes, but no. EDT Tweaks are a "EDT" thing. Meaning its only going in EDT/TeamKang ROMs, like Trigger, Weapon, etc. I highly doubt that they'll let me put this tweak in, and if they do, theres probably alot of modifications needed. Whitehawkx and Romanbb did it cuz they're geniuses like that.

Android Beginner
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Thx for another rom. I installed it and played for few hours. Overall experience is good. Nice additions to stock rom.

I had to go back to cm7 based rom cuz I had my first unexplained reboot, like it used to do before I rooted my device,
. I think its the core stock rom from LG that's messed up beyond repair.

Would it be possible to make rom with 2.3.4 as core like tsugi rom?

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Would it be possible to make rom with 2.3.4 as core like tsugi rom?
2.3.4 has a couple of issues that would need to be worked out before I would honestly recommend anyone else put serious effort into it. The biggest one for me is that bluetooth is buggy as hell on any 2.3.4 Rom. Fine if you don't use bluetooth, but if you do, it's not stable.

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I'm having a problem with the music player on the rom, it won't play through an entire song. I tried to install another music player but it does the same thing on this rom. What music player are you using on this rom? I love how it looks, just wished it worked

The Friendly, Neihborhood Black Guy
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Discussion Starter · #13 ·
Added options for No CRT TV off animation, AdblockRemover/Stock Hosts, and Faux123's 0.1.3 kernel repacked by Lotherius

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is their anyway to extract the LG Launcher and use it for other Roms?
Yes, but an easier way is to install Romanbb's Bloater and install the LG Launcher from there. Lotherius has ported it from O2x and has a repo set up in Bloater. It can be safely installed from there no problems.

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Yes, but an easier way is to install Romanbb's Bloater and install the LG Launcher from there. Lotherius has ported it from O2x and has a repo set up in Bloater. It can be safely installed from there no problems.
FC on me after install from Bloater so ran Fix Permissions and rebooted and still wont work. I'm using Pheonix Blood 1.2 with faux .48, Any suggestions cause i really like that launcher.

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"Most require the LG Launcher. The widgets will NOT load in a stock launcher, even if you have LG Launcher installed. This is of course how LG designed it. Some might work outside of LG Launcher. Also required is an LG based 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 rom. The downloads will not show up on other roms. That means no cm7 etc. I have not tested on those platforms and probably won't be able to soon."

Found that here:

Might just be coming back to your Rom

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Yeah, i don't think it'll work on CM/MIUI/AOSP based ROMs like Pheonix Blood. Should work on OTA type ROMs like Weapon, Bionix Reloaded, Tsugi, Baka, etc.

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Yeah, i don't think it'll work on CM/MIUI/AOSP based ROMs like Pheonix Blood. Should work on OTA type ROMs like Weapon, Bionix Reloaded, Tsugi, Baka, etc.
ok so i switched back to your Rom and followed instructions to the T and i cant connect to the mobile network. I have no 2g/4g connection. I always wipe data, cache, delvik, system with every new Rom. Should i just re-flash? Only thing different i did this time was flash the dragon kernel before first boot.
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