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SkyRaider Zeus 1.3 Release

The official thread for the SkyRaider Zeus is here: Make sure to check it out. This is a fresh new innovative Sense ROM for the Thunderbolt. I hope you enjoy it.

Please do not publicly release versions of my work without my prior approval. If you would like to use something, PM me.​

This ROM offers a lot of new enhancements and optimizations over stock Sense. I have made some new Quick Settings, enhanced parts of the ROM and even took skins to a new level.

The expanded status bar has been completely reconfigured and optimized. You will notice quite a few changes to it over stock. The approach I took was create more room by removing unnecessary items while retaining and even gaining functionality. The recent apps bar is hidden by default, but you can access it at any time by long pressing on the title bar. To switch to Quick Settings, simply tap the title bar once.

I have added seven additional Quick Settings and created four of them myself. This is really just the beginning in this arena. I already have plans underway for more customizations.

There are a few enhancements to Rosie including a re-mappable buttons and custom button icons, drop to uninstall over the trash can, and an unlocked edit button to display application details.

Another unique thing about this rom is the addition I made to skins. The edge glow effect that you will find in this ROM can change colors simply by choosing another skin. Five skins are included with this ROM and each has a different edge glow color to match its theme. In addition, any other Sense 2.1 Gingerbread skin you find on the Internet will work with this ROM, however, if the edge glow graphics are missing, it will use the default images. A big thanks goes to wowthatisrandom for modifying the skins for me and helping out with testing.

Something new to SkyRaider is the addition of several original LTE tools to help make your life a little easier. For starters, there is an integrated Sense style widget for your home screen. There is also a Quick Setting for toggling while you have the expanded status bar down. Then there are some more advanced options like Auto LTE. You can configure your phone to turn off LTE when the phone goes to sleep and back on when you wake it up. The options include timers for screen on/off times in case you have a habit of quickly flipping on your phone just to check messages. All of the tools use an advanced engine I wrote to allow switching from 3G to 4G faster than ever (as long as you are within range of an LTE tower).

Lastly, you will find the Sense 3.0 lock screen in here along with several screens to choose from. I also included the Sense 3.0 Weather application. A big thanks goes to seo for the lock screen and weather items.


BIG BIG thank you to all of my testers. They really helped out a lot identifying bugs and helping make this ROM great.


The links to download are in the second post and in Rom Manager. Don't forget to press the Thanks button!

  • Please search before asking questions.
  • Do not post bug reports if you flashed a theme or mod over this ROM.
  • Do not flash kernels that contain a boot.img file
  • I do not recommend installing as a secondary rom
Change Log:

v1.3.5 (Full Rom) TBA:
  • Bug fixes

v1.3 (Full Rom) 11/22/2011:
  • Enabled Native Call Recording
  • Added Non Sense LTE Widget (Zeus Only)
  • Added Native ICS Keyboard
  • Added Sharing with MMS for Screen Shots
  • Other Screen Shot Tweaks
  • Added Toggle for Incoming Call Screen Type
    • persist using build.prop setting
    • sys.incoming_call_screen (0 or 1)
  • Expanded Choices for Defaulting Quick Settings
  • Added Google Car Home
  • Removed HTC Car Panel
  • Fixed Screenshot Bug with the Delay Setting
  • Fixed Text on the Middle Rosie Button When Using a Custom Icon
  • Normalized Title Bars in SRSettings for Custom Skins
  • Revamped Several Screens in SR Settings for Future Upgrades
  • Revamped Popup for Choosing Custom Icons
  • Added Icons to Quick Setting Config
  • Icon for Custom Quick Setting Now Shows Using Selected Activity
v1.2 (Unreleased):
  • Expanded Rosie Options
    • Two Finger Fast Scrolling in the Drawer
    • Change the Drawer Title
    • Change the Drawer Background Color and Transparency
    • Change the Number of Columns
    • Change the Text Size for Drawer Icons
  • Native Support for Icon Packs in Button Bar Manager
  • Rosie Options and LockScreen Settings are Hidden when Required APKs are Removed.
  • Add Widget Menu for Non Sense Launchers have Grouped Widgets
  • Fixed Rosie Crash after Removing a Linked App
  • Fixed Orientation Bug
v1.1 (Full Rom) 11/02/2011:
  • Added Leap Mode Option
  • Added Page Scroll Option
  • Fixed Sliders in Button Bar Manager
  • Added HTC Style Theming to Backlight Settings
  • Fixed Edit Levels FC
  • Fixed Weather Widget FC
  • Added Various Optional Kernels (thanks kernel devs)
v1.0 (Release):
  • Based on Sense 2.1 (OTA v2.11.605.5)
  • Newest OTA HTC Kernel
  • SkyRaider Settings*!!1 (lots and lots of goodies)
  • Sense LTE Widget*
  • Auto LTE*
  • Completely Customizable Quick Settings*
  • Wake on Volume
  • Wake on Notification*
  • CM7 Features
    • Change Clock Style
    • Customizable Backlight Settings
    • Accelerometer Settings
  • ROM Will Add 3.0 GB of Space to Dropbox Accounts
  • Sense 3.0 Lock Screen (thanks to seo)
    • Wallpaper
    • Clock
    • Stocks
    • Photo Album (2)
    • Friend Stream
    • Weather
  • Sense 3.0 Weather (thanks to seo)
  • Sense 2.1 Mms (themed and modded for additional features)
  • Task Manager
  • Low Space Wizard
  • On Demand Recent Apps Bar*
  • Optimized Expanded Status Bar*
    • Tabs Removed*
    • Carrier Title Bar Removed
    • Long Press Title for Recent Apps*
    • Dismiss Notifications One at a Time
    • Tap Title Bar for Quick Settings*
  • 11 New Quick Settings
  • 8 Original Quick Settings*
    • LTE toggle*
    • Custom on-the-fly toggle* (make it whatever you like)
    • Wireless ADB*
    • Toggle for Wireless Tether App*
    • Airplane Mode*
    • Flashlight*
    • Volume Sliders*
      • 8 Total in One Setting
      • Tap the Icon to Cycle Through
    • Restart (4 Options in One)*
  • Working Nano Editor
  • Picasa Gallery Plugin
  • Both Stock HTC and Android Keyboards
  • Overscroll Edge Glow
    • Changes Colors With Skins*
  • Built-in Screenshot Capture
    • Base Code From CM7
    • Access Via Power Menu*
    • Shortcut is Power + Home
    • Option to Automatically Share Captures
    • Option to Change Capture Delay
  • Rosie Re-Mappable Dock Buttons*
  • Rosie Customizable Dock Button Icons* via Button Bar Manager*
    • Change Via SR Settings*
    • Six Total Buttons to Map
    • Get Access to Shortcuts and Activities*
    • Install Launcher Pro to Access More
    • Remap Drawer Anywhere*
  • Custom Rosie Drag Bar*
    • Drop to Uninstall Over the Trash*
    • Drop on the Edit Button to Display App Details*
  • Google Market, Gmail and Maps Updated
  • Automatic App Restore Via Google Framework
  • Gingerbread Screen On/Off Animations
*Exclusive SkyRaider features

-= Thanks Again to Everyone that Donated and Tested =-

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For the time being, flashing mods over this ROM (other than what you find here) is done at your own risk. I do not guarantee any will work. If you want to experiment, be my guest. Just remember to backup your data.

WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage that may happen directly or indirectly to your phone as a result of flashing this ROM. Thank you for taking a risk and flashing my ROM!

When using Titanium restore applications ONLY and no SYSTEM DATA!!

Directions for link:
  • Download the ROM from the link below
  • Place it on your sd card
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Do a nandroid backup
  • Perform a full wipe
  • Select "install zip from sdcard"
  • Select the file and you're on your way to happiness
Directions for ROM Manager
  1. Download ROM from ROM Manager under Ihtfp69
  2. When it finishes, select both options (wipe and backup)
  3. Rom Manager will reboot and install what you have chosen
  4. Profit!
Directions for Web Connect:
  1. Setup Web Connect in ROM Manager Premium
  2. Open ROM Manager, press Menu>Web Connect
  3. Once it says successful, you are ready to go
  4. Click the phone icon next to the link below and your phone will start downloading it
  5. Profit!
NOT ON ZEUS 1.0+? WIPE!!1! WIPE!1!! WIPE!11!
v1.3 Release -->

MD5: 1543bcb5aec859602c13a8a583623673

IMPORTANT: You MUST wipe when installing this ROM and DO NOT install any kernels that contain boot.img files.


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1st sense rom I've stayed on for any extended period of time (I even put CM7 on my bolt within the first day of having it). Really loving the work you have put into it and can't wait to see what other tricks you bring to it.

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Discussion Starter · #7 ·
icanhazdroid said:
I've had this up for a while, but i have a question, your screen shots show the new 3G icon, how come the rom doesnt have those? I know it's based off of the old leak but i thought id ask
This is not a finished product so things tend to change. That icon is actually in the old leak as well. Open it up and take a look.

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Glad to see you post here... great work, as you know :)

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Has anyone tried this on bootmanager app to see if it will bootup on SD card slot. I'm wondering if this has a special script that runs on boot causing issues. I know that Gingeritis 3D has the same outcome when trying to bootup just hangs at splash screen.

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cowboys4life22 said:
Has anyone tried this on bootmanager app to see if it will bootup on SD card slot. I'm wondering if this has a special script that runs on boot causing issues. I know that Gingeritis 3D has the same outcome when trying to bootup just hangs at splash screen.
It will say you stole parts of the rom and boot loop
Its meant for you phone e only

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kc0r8y said:
I'll give it a go. thanks for your time....

unfortunately this GB rom has the same problem as all the rest except Chingy's new one.

When I record video the audio sounds like I'm using an old CB radio.
Nothing they can do probably til a new leak arrives. Chingy held out with the new build he got and is the only one with a rom based off it atm. All the rest have to be based off an old test build.

Sent from my ADR6400L

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DO NOT USE BOOTMANAGER FOR THIS INSTALL.... just tried and it will display a message that "dear thief: you are trying to steal system ui for this rom" and then your phone will shut down!!!
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