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Tesla Coil

Controlling Lighting!!!

Tesla Coil is a hold over ROM intended to keep people happy with their Tbolt until the issues with AOSP get worked out..


* MUST use either mr2 or mr2.5 GB Radio!

* If coming from another ROM You MUST wipe before installing this

* To remove volume quick wake go to system/usr/keylayout / open mecha-keypad in text editor. Delete both Wake for volume up and down. Save and reboot. - Thanks pitchblack86

Kejar31 for allowing me port his rom to gingerbread
MIKEYINID for inverted menus
TeamBAMF for CTF Animation, Reboot Options and Volume Wake
DROD2169 for allowing me to use his Kernel and just being an overall great assistance anytime I need him
davekover for the Wallpaper
Thanks for teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which some of the apps came from.

Based off 2.01.605.0 leak
Some AOSP apps
The only apps left from Sence are Dialer/Phone, Contacts, Camera, Messages, Gallery and Settings
These apps are needed to make the rom run smooth with no bugs!
Senseless obviously
AOSP Lockscreen
Rotating Launcher 2
Nexus S Live Wallpapers
CM music player (MusicMod) built from source and compiled by kejar31
AppWidgetPicker - built by boombuler
Latest Market included
Latest Superuser -Thanks ChainsDD
Netflix Patch-Thanks rmk40
Sysro And Sysrw Command
Volume Wake
Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2
1% battery increments built in (Icons by Kejar31)
All apps optimized and zip aligned
Latest Imoseyon leanKernel -- Click here for kernel detail's and features

Known Issues: NONE



Added extra's to first post
added htc setupwizard for fast google sync access
added htc_ime for htc setup wizard
fixed mms
add gtalk video
add spare parts

We take no responsibility for what this ROM may do to your phone.

MD5: 73ab8ec8138db66340bac19f776beec1
Tesla Coil RC3

Install THIS in cwm because i forgot to include it in RC3. its the script used to block "some" ads


AOSP Browser

Stock Sense Browser

Stock Sense Calendar

Stock Sense Mail

Stock Sense FM Radio

Stock Sense Lockscreen

Stock Sense HTC Music

make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back "the back softkey"
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

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mikeinrichmond said:
Ok, got it loaded up and no service with the MR2 radio. Rebooted, same thing. Reinstalled, same thing..hmm...So I d/l and flashed in hboot the MR2.5 radio, worked right off the bat..
odd i haven't tested the MR2 radio but i though it would have been similar to MR2.5 cause of the same RIL. ill remove MR2 from the original post

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Jeenyus said:
Is there a way to disable the percentage indicator in the battery on the top right and get rid of the physical zoom buttons in the internet browser?
The zoom buttons in the internet browser is a stock browser thing, just install a different browser. And I think to remove the numbers you will have to flash a different battery mod, the UOT kitchen may be what you need if all you want is a different battery.

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does this rom still have the issue with freezing when using you tube and backing out
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