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Ok this is based off of OTA gingerbread with Just my root fixes and making it flashable cwm.

Thanks casper200519 for providing the files of the rom to work with
- phone
- bluetooth
- sd card
- Gps
- sensors
- wifi
- etc

Not Working
- Please Report
To Install
1. Boot into recovery (Hold Volume Down and press power)
3. Install Zip from SD Card, and select
4. Boot into rom and reboot to finsh (Reboot after your on your main screen)
5. Enjoy
V1.0.0 -

Debloated/Tweaked Version here:

- This rom will see very few if anyupdates becuase its basicly complete and ready to use so enjoy :D

If you find this ROM useful, feel free to hit the Thanks button below

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Add-ons/Mods Here:

- Bloat RemoverRemoves all the bloat from the rom :D

- Wifi calling RemoverRemoves wifi calling from the rom

- Swype RemoverRemoves swype from the rom

- Stock Bloat addes t-mobile/lg bloat back into the rom

- DSPManager installes dspmanger by cm7 lets you adjust bass

- Green_Signal_Fix_OTA fixes the status bar to show green icons instead of white

- UnRoot Basicly it does what it says unroots device

- Screen Off It changes animation to screen off for you :D

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xboarder, I just bought my g2x yesterday, love it. Flashed CM and it was to buggy so Im gonna go with this stock rooted for a bit. My question, Im sure youve noticed that when you wake the screen, it usually shows about a 1 second glimpse of the homescreen before the lockscreen actually pops up? Is there a fix for that or is that something Im gonna have to deal with running stock? TIA
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